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  Commonwealth of Australia
     Statutory Declarations Act 1959

I, am Malcolm J. McDougall of ... (his address is deleted for Protection), situated within the Commonwealth of Australia, and I am a third party witness to the matters as are herein stated by me and so I do certify on oath and confirm the undersigned sworn signatory is myself and I do make the herein following declarations under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 (Cth):

1.  It is in good faith that I am wishing to have Public Records Set Straight in the hope that any
     wrongdoers and any denials of Natural Justice will be fully investigated and any wrongs
     remedied by the Authorities and/or by our Politicians and so that prosecutions can be laid by
     Authorities to the full extent of law against any wrongdoers who engaged in perpetrating any
     wrongdoings and unreasonableness as public debt payment avoidance strategies as appears
     to have been the reasons for their public debt payment delaying misconduct by implicated
     officers of the Commonwealth. So I am making this my Sworn Witness Statement and I certify
     and verify that my herein stated evidence is given by me of my own freewill and by my own 
     hand and by my own memory of the herein facts of September 2008 as I was and still am a
     first-hand witness to the matters stated and addressed by me herein below in good faith and
     I give this evidence without any malice intent, as follows:

2.  I was present with Kenneth-Clyde Ivory in Canberra situated within the Australian Capital
     Territory, situated within the Commonwealth of Australia in September 2008. So in good faith
     this is my herein Sworn Witness Statement of the main matters witnessed by myself in
     September 2008 as are herein stated in this my Statutory Declaration as set out herein and I
     do hereby irrevocably authorise for true and complete copies of this my herein Sworn
     Witness Statement to be served on and or to be published by and or for Kenneth-Clyde Ivory
     and for copies to be serve on and to whoever else this Sworn Witness Evidence may concern.

3.  I verily declare that on the 23rd September 2008 I attended the Commonwealth of Australia
     Department of Finance Offices situated at Parkes in the A.C.T Canberra as an independent
     first-hand witness of and for Kenneth-Clyde Ivory pursuant to him presenting a Protested Bill
     of Exchange and its Set of Financial Instruments to mutually arrange for payment to be
     satisfied by the Commonwealth of Australia.

4.  A second female Officer of the Commonwealth was initially presented to us by the female
     Receptionist as being the lady we needed to speak with. When she  come out to reception she
     then identified herself to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and to me as being the Commonwealths
     Department of Finance Head Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Officer and the duly
     authorised Accounts Payable Signatory Officer of and for the Commonwealth, and she
     introduced herself to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and to myself as being Jenni Koenig and Ms. Koenig
     at various times did repeatedly confirm that it is her job to inspect and authorise for payment
     of the Bill and of its Set of Financial Instruments and that we had come to the correct place.

5.  I witnessed Kenneth-Clyde Ivory going through the originals of his Bill and of its Set of
     Financial Instruments and I witnessed Ms. Koenig taking her time scrutinising each individual
     financial instrument and Ms Koenig did ask many questions and Kenneth-Clyde Ivory would
     answer each question and he also showed her other supporting documentation in answer to
     some of Ms. Koenig many questions.

6.  I cannot possibly say and I do not say that Ms. Koenig read fully every instrument in detail,
     but I do verify and certify that to me it appeared by the prudent questions being asked by Ms.
     Koenig that Ms. Koenig seemed to fully understand them and appeared to fully read while
     scrutinising each and EVERY one of the instruments.

7.  After Ms. Koenig appeared to have first fully satisfied herself to the validities and contents of
     the bill of exchange and of its set of financial instruments and after Ms. Koenig had also
     scrutinised and had asked questions and after Kenneth Ivory had answered them pertaining
     to the payment authorisation INVOICE being INVOICE NUMBER: 809072/01 Dated:  23
     September 2008 I do recall that Ms. Koenig confirmed several times that it was and is her job
     to duly authorise for payment to be paid and I witnessed Ms. Koenig proceeding of her own
     freewill when she did officially execute the two (2) duplicates of the INVOICE and thereby she
     had also admitted that she knew she was duly authorising it for full payment to be paid to
     Kenneth-Clyde Ivory because she had confirmed that: it is her job to get it paid as soon as
     possible. My recollection is that we were there for around 1.5 hours.

8.  After two (2) originals of the INVOICE had been officially duly executed by both Kenneth-Clyde
     Ivory as the Holder of the Bill of Exchange and of its Set of Financial Instruments and Kenneth
     Ivory signed the INVOICE after it had been first duly authorised for payment by being officially
     signed via and by Jenni Koenig who had therein officially confirmed that she (Ms. Koenig)
     was/is the duly authorised officer authorised to execute the INVOICE by signing it for and on
     behalf of the Portfolio Minister of the Debtor party, the Commonwealth of Australia is the

9.  One of the two (2) originals of the INVOICE was served by Kenneth-Clyde Ivory on the
     Commonwealth of Australia via the Department of Finances Director, being an officer of the
     Commonwealth when it was served during the meetings on the 23 September 2008 on the
     Director; and just one (1) of the two (2) duly executed Originals of the duly executed INVOICE
     was kept by Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as he is the official Holder of the bill of exchange and I have
     since noticed the INVOICE being Held by Kenneth Ivory via a Notary Public a true copy was
     certified off the original INVOICE and the Certified Copy is DFAT duly sealed by the
     Commonwealth as Public document No.B00035358 on the Eleventh May 2010.

10. Ms. Koenig on the 23 September 2008 I did then additionally witness her scrutinising and
      Ms. Koenig appeared to be reading several times and did ask several questions about the
      Irrevocably A Certified Bank Payment Guarantee financial instrument being Note number:
      CoA 80029032 - Dated of Issue: 23rd September 2008, which does Authorise Promising
      therein to - Pay to the Order of: Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.  I did and do know that Kenneth-Clyde
      Ivory is the Bill of Exchanges Judgment Creditor and all Questions asked by Ms. Koenig were
      answered by Kenneth-Clyde Ivory clearly and precisely to Ms. Koenig and then Ms. Koenig of
      her own freewill proceeded to and officially executed the Irrevocably A Certified Bank
      Payment Guarantee for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia and Kenneth-Clyde
      Ivory also then signed it as the Endorser and I myself additionally signed the Irrevocably
      Certified Bank Payment Guarantee immediately after as the third party witness for and to
      each of them in good faith.

11. There was only one (1) original of the Irrevocably A Certified Bank Payment Guarantee that
      was duly executed, signed and was then witnessed by me on the 23rd September 2008 and
      no copies whatsoever signed and/or unsigned of the Irrevocably A Certified Bank Payment
      Guarantee was not at all given to Ms. Koenig and was not given to Mr. Asome and was NOT
      given to anyone else in the Finance Department on the 23rd September 2008 whatsoever.
      Kenneth-Clyde Ivory kept that one and only single original as the Holder. I since have noticed
      the Irrevocably A Certified Bank Payment Guarantee has since been via a Notary Public
      certified as a true copy and it was then DFAT Sealed by the Commonwealth as being Public
      Document No.B00033754 on the 29th January 2010.

12. When all the above presentments of the bill and of its set of financial instruments,
      inspections, scrutinising, questioning, answering and authorising payment business was
      mutually and cordially completed on the 23rd September 2008, Ms. Koenig then asked
      Kenneth-Clyde Ivory would he and I wait while she went and got another officer of the
      Commonwealth to serve the INVOICE on for payment, so  first another lady came out with
      Ms. Koenig, whose name I do not recall, and she told Ms. Koenig to get someone else and
      that next officer introduced himself to both Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and to myself as being Tony
      Asome the Director of the Department. So then further mutual presentments, scrutinising,
      looking at asking questions, answering questions, etc had transpired to the satisfaction of all
      parties and Mr. Asome then asked for some spare photo copies of some documentation in
      relation to the matters and that was given to Mr. Asome by Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and
      Kenneth-Clyde Ivory had first-up served one (1) of the two original duplicate copys of the
      Koenig executed INVOICE on Mr. Asome for immediate payment. 

13. Mr Asome was not shown the Irrevocably A Certified Bank Payment Guarantee at all on the
      23rd September 2003 and Mr. Asome was not given any copy of that single and only original
      Irrevocably A Certified Bank Payment Guarantee as Mr. Asome after inspection had promised
      to pay on just the duly executed INVOICE.

14. Mr. Asome by memory said it will take him about two (2) to three (3) weeks before he will be
      able to draw a cheque for that amount and Mr. Asome as a Director and officer of the
      Commonwealth promised that he Mr. Asome himself would have posted out the
      Commonwealth's Full Payment Cheque direct to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory via Kenneth Ivory's
      then P.O. Box Address at Archerfield in Brisbane. 

15. As we were about to leave reception Mr. Asome then said the Cheque will be posted out
      within at the most no more than four (4) weeks time from the 23 September 2008 and that
      the Payment would be received by Kenneth Ivory within that four (4) week period. At that
      point-in-time both Kenneth Ivory and I mutually and cordially left the Department of Finance
      Offices, and on our way to the car park we both believed that Ms. Koenig and Mr. Asome
      thereby were honest and honourable officers of the Commonwealth of Australia, particular
      by Mr. Asome having said he was a Director of the Department who confirmed the INVOICE
      as binding and had promised payment will be posted out to Kenneth Ivory as stated.

16. During that same period of time while Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and I were both in Canberra back
      in September 2008, we were signed in with unescorted passes to enter into Parliament
      House through the Senate Wing Entrance and we walked into the Hon. Senator Helen
      Coonan's Senate Office unannounced as she was the Communications Minister and was the
      Commonwealth's Majority Shareholder of Telstra back on the 8 February 2005 when she
      apparently had accepted from Kenneth-Clyde Ivory the 7 February 2005 Issued Bill of
      Exchange. I was not present on the 8 February 2005 so point-out that is my understanding
      of the 8th February 2005 is. Being the reason for seeing Senator Coonan in September 2008. 

17. In September 2008 I was present standing beside Kenneth Ivory when I witnessed that as
      soon as Senator Helen Coonan saw Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and myself both walking into her
      Senate Chambers, the Senator immediately and politely greeted Kenneth and I, and as I
      recall it, Senator Coonan immediately admitted the bill of exchange's independently
      quantified liability is still owing by the Commonwealth to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is my belief, by
      the Senator having immediately stated:

18. Hello Mr. Ivory; Quote: haven you been paid yet End of Quote.

I understand that a person who intentionally makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an offence under section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959, and I believe that the statements in this declaration are true in every particular.

         Malcolm J. McDougall

Declared before me at Melbourne on this 22 Day of January, 2016  

Before me:  .......................................
                   NOTARY PUBLIC
                         CHARLES BERNARD GORE BRETT
                             LEVEL 1, 12 COLLINS STREET
                                  MELBOURNE VICTORIA

Note 1   A person who intentionally makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an offence, the punishment for which is imprisonment for a term of 4 years see section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959.

Note 2   Chapter 2 of the Criminal Code applies to all offences against the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 see section 5A of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-Please note that in the below article:
                                                                       (All parts below slopped in brackets were added herein in good faith by
                                                                       Ivory to expose the seriousness of the facts, NOT just what got reported
                                                                       a link to the what only got reported is below should you wish to compare)

Faults on Telstra?
You must be mad!

By Fia Cumming, Political Correspondent
November 10 2002

Complaints . . . Kenneth Ivory (As a Commonwealth Casualty of  Telecom - Telstra "CoT" Victim)

Telstra considered having a customer psychiatrically assessed after he kept complaining about faults with his business phone.

(But in reality it was not just an ordinary business phone, it was a relied on 1800 777 592 prefix Australia-Wide incoming customer phone that had been Nationally Advertised & Promoted from the 1 September 1993 when first told by or via a Telstra Directories lady not until on 11 May 1994 that it was a Dead Line when dialled by her and by all attempting but unsuccessful incoming business customers Australia-Wide, wasting around eleven Month of National Advertising Capital and around Eleven Months of Nationally Promoting that compolsory 008 to 1800 change over prefix number.)

When its in-house psychiatrist refused to go along with the plan, Telstra had the customer, Kenneth Ivory, arrested and he almost spent Christmas in jail.  

(But in reality it was an unlawful, false and malicious CoT Victim mishandling ploy perpetrated as Public Liability Debt Avoidance Tactically Perpetrated False & Wrongful Arrest).

(As the bogusly planned arrest had been corruptly & criminally pre-arranged with rogue officers of the State of Queensland implicated from before it was perpetrate via its City-Lock-Up's thereby criminally implicated Charge-Bench-Police-Officer who had been politically induced via the State's Solicitor-General's Officers via Telstra's criminally implicated Mallesons Stephen Jacques Partnership Unlawfully Acting with gross Competing and Conflicting Loyalties and whose Lawyers set-out in premeditated intent to ensure for Ivory to not get bail and for him to be falsely, maliciously & wrongfully held in Police Custody  over Christmas).

(So as to then criminally abuse & misuse the State of Queensland via its implicated strategically positioned Police Officers who had been pre-instructed to latter issue a bogus and false premeditated strategic Psychiatric Warrant, so as cover-up, to distance and to try and to prevent having Ivory as just another CoT Victim to be Falsely Arrested by way of misuses of any more False & Bogus Psychiatric Warrants).

(Ivory's Freedom of Information "FOI" searches as latter sourced do reveal that Ted Benjamin a Senior Executive of Telstra did not want to have any more Telstra employees names on any more Mental Health Warrants.  Ted Benjamin felt Ivory would definitely do a Telstra FOI search at the end of their criminally perpetrated wrongful arrest and false imprisonment frauds).

FOI document's do further reveal and do expose that Stephen John Mead of Telstra as an officer of the Commonwealth and also at the very same time an undisclosed dual income MSJ Partnership partner, was thereby collecting dual financial proceeds from MEAD'S IN-SIDE TELSTRA CRIMES and he MEAD had pre-arranged by for a Psychiatric Registrar Mate of MEAD'S to have Ivory taken by their pre-implicate State of Queensland Polices over too the Prince Charles Hospital locked Ward Mental Health Unit while and had Ivory been unlawfully and falsely held locked-up in Custody over Christmas Holliday Period resultant by corrupt officers of the State of Queensland and by corrupt officers of the Commonwealth aiding and abetting MEAD & the MSJ Partnership to profit from the proceeds of their CoT mishandling crimes perpetrated against Ivory , his businesses, his families to also third party predatory boycott and sabotage Ivory inventions to get them removed from their Patent Protections in 93 Peace Treaty Countries).

The corporation then hired a private investigator who watched Mr Ivory's house and reported on incoming phone calls.

(The reality is it was Various Private Investigators were unlawfully paid from Commonwealth Public Funds to unlawfully stork, follow and to covertly listen to, watch and unlawfully spy on Ivory and on his family and not just at his home, but also spy on his business premises,  including the storking of his three (3) under age children and the Ivory's children's under age friends, as well as stalking customers, and they took unlawful photos etc  and who unlawfully had been paid to buy & then misuse a $40,000.00 illegal bugging device beamed in unlawfully and criminally recording everything including whatever Ivory including trade secrets etc, including bugging of his clients and of his wife & family as they were each under illegal surveillance 24/7.   In 2001 their judge mate who was previously the always retained QC to Telstra & Mead's lawyers  and Patrick Anthony Keane misled his Judge mate and they both corruptly protected the owner of the International Investigative Agency, Public Funded Crimes!)

But while Telstra tried to silence Mr Ivory, its own staff admitted that he was probably right about his phone problems.

(Those corruptly acting officers of the Commonwealth wanted to conceal their 1800 prefix systemic faults liabilities fully, because the 1800 prefix systemic faults Telstra for-well-knew -needed-fixing-network-wide and not-just-on-a-Subscriber-Fault-By-Fault-Complaint-Basis).

A political storm erupted over Telstra last week when it was revealed that the corporation had bugged the phone of a Casualty of Telstra (COT) member and misled a court and Federal Parliament about faults. (Systemic & Endemic Culture of Public Funded CoT mishandling Crimes).

Communications Minister Richard Alston has ordered an inquiry into claims that Telstra secretly corrected the problems.

Details of Mr Ivory's more recent case may fuel calls for a wider investigation.

(Never would any wider or any independent actual investigations occur back then, with that implicated dishonourable Minister, Senator Mr. Richard Alston as his Chief of Staff from 1996 to 2000 was Mr. Paul Fletcher an infiltrated less than credible Ex-MSJ Lawyer who is now Paul Fletcher MP and Richard Alston is now the President of the Liberal Party of Australia in 2016).

Mr Ivory's complaint relates to the transition of his business, Solar-Mesh, from the 008 prefix to a 1800 number in September 1993.

(That 1993-1994 not fit for purpose 1800 777 592 is still not working in 2016 when dialled).

After the move to 1800, Mr Ivory's business suffered. In May 1994 a Yellow Pages salesperson told him that his 1800 number was dead. Telstra refused to admit there was a problem.

(That 11 May 1994 Yellow Page salesperson referred to above prematurely died in a State of Queensland Hospital in Brisbane in 1996 while getting an anaesthetic for a minor procedure and in 2006 in the same Hospital Ivory's wife Kaye prematurely died and in 2010 in that same hospital Ivory himself was smothered to death while getting the anaesthetic for an emergency stuck kidney stone by pass tube procedure, but by sheer luck Ivory was revived by hand by a senior passing doctor. The State of Queensland for its corruption also has a lot to answer for).

It consulted a psychiatrist in December 1996 to test Mr Ivory's mental state on the grounds that he (allegedly) had threatened its staff over the phone. Mr Ivory (fully) denies making threats.

(How could any psychiatrist in December 1996 test Ex-Parte any ones purported mental state without ever even meeting any individual, perhaps their bogus informants need to have their mental states tested from the then Prime Minister John Howard downwards seeing Public Funds were being misused to retain his brother Stanley Howard a MSJ Partner and it Chairman from when Telstra retained MSJ to mishandle this CoT matter on and from about the 15 May 1994).

On November 29, 1996 - the same day a Telstra memo under the file name "Ivory" suggested a "psych assessment" - a Telstra lawyer listed the options for dealing with Mr Ivory: "Letter?
Restraining order? Police? Psychiatrist? Security? Phones - PI [private investigator]?"

A Telstra spokesman said on Friday that the corporation had been seeking advice on how to deal with Mr Ivory.  (More likely was seeking advice on how to avoid paying restitution of Property).

Within a month, Telstra (by malicious perjury) laid a (false and unlawful) complaint against Mr Ivory with Brisbane police and he was arrested on December 23, 1996.

(That was a False, Illegal & Malicious Wrongful Arrest and the Court Finding in February 1997 is fully in Ivory's favour against Telstra.   It was not only a False Arrest and False Imprisonment it was found to be a  Wrongful Arrest and was also found that the Warrant was INVALID from Day one (1) of issue on 23 December 1996.  Telstra via Mead falsely appealed but it was upheld by the Appeal Court finding to also be fully in Ivory's favour against Telstra's Mr. STEPHEN JOHN MEAD. The Failed Telstra - Mead Appeal was in 1998.)

(So in 1999 IVORY rightfully filed & sued TELSTRA & MEAD for Malicious Prosecution - So TELSTRA & MEAD retainer bribed the State of Queensland's Solicitor-General Patrick Anthony Keane QC to in exchange close his eyes as the Solicitor-General to not prosecute or charge at least MEAD for his 23 December 1996 fraudulent crimes, but instead on the side had KEANE QC take Commonwealth Public Funded retainer bribes to also in exchange misled the 2001 Trial Judge and then to provide other special favours in exchange in 2002 while in the Court of Appeal by misusing his positions and powers to inducing  the prior former Solicitor-General of the State of Queensland DAVIES J, and its former Articles Clerk and Prosecutor JERRARD J and KEANE QC'S former Articles Clerk at Ruth Freezling WILSON J, who was also previously JUSTIN ANTHONY MCDONNELL'S a crooked MSJ Partner's former articles clerk when MCDONNELL AND KEANE were both co-lawyers together at Ruth Freezling. 

But all Four (4) KEANE QC, DAVIES J, JERRARD J & WLSON J each wilfully & dishonourably failed to disclose those conflicts of interests to Ivory).

(In 2002 DAVIES J, JERRARD J & WILSON J in an open Appeal Court room each repeatedly had found that KEANE QC had definitely misled the Trial Judge in 2001.  They had a judicial huddle covering their microphone recorder and called an immediate adjournment. After their tape rewinding of the transcripts to tape over their real and true findings they threatened Ivory with contempt vif he mention even one word of anything said before their adjournment, that was after they had called KEANE over the PA into their Chambers to work-out how to rotect the State of Queensland from a finding its moonlighting Solicitor-General was and is guilty of deliberately and definitely having set-out to & misled the trial judge). Conflicts of interests are corruption.

When the police discovered that Mr Ivory needed a life-support machine because of sleep apnoea they released him on bail. 

(Ivory was Falsely, Arrested with an INVALID from DAY ONE False Warrant & Ivory was then BAILED without any Police ever interviewing Ivory - Why get any Apprehension Warrant and then Arrest anyone at all without ever interviewing their Victim, and without ever finger printing and without taking any mug shots etc unless the State's Police were pre-implicated in that criminality and in those bogus and totally fabricated and fully false & sick MEAD allegations?)

(State of Queensland Police Integrity Unit has finally confirmed in 2014 in writing that there is NO record of Interview having ever taken place on the 23 December 1996 Re: IVORY or Ivory). 

(The charge bench officer told  Ivory in 1996 that he (Ivory) was not getting any bail until the new year, but the charge bench officer panicked, after finding out Ivory needs a life support machine to sleep with, so the pre-implicated and thereby the corrupt Charge Bench  Officer raced down to the phone and Ivory heard the charge bench officer saying, no I  can't . no I  will not now do that as he needs to sleep with a life support machine, and if it all goes totally or horribly wrong, then we will all be fully investigated, no, no, so I  will not  be any longer keeping him in here.  That is what Ivory currently recalls hearing said by the Charge Bench officer saying over a phone that was positioned on the back wall behind the charge bench with the charge bench officer's back to Ivory on the 23 December 1996 before being put before a Magistrate for bail).

(Incidentally after the Two (2) Arresting Police Officers had left Ivory at the City Lock-up the Charge Bench Officer told Ivory that the Magistrate had already gone home and was on Annual Leave  until January 1997, so  Ivory was being kept in custody until about mid January 1997, but when Ivory was being taken by two armed shot guns totting officers to another level Ivory was thrown in a cell with a guy waking backwards and forwards punching his fists while being forced to wait for other cases to be heard. Clearly the Magistrate had not already left for annual leave!) 

                             Queensland Consolidated Acts
             Criminal Code 1899 - SECT 355 - Deprivation of liberty:

Any person who unlawfully confines or detains another in any place against the other person's will, or otherwise unlawfully deprives another of the other person's personal liberty, is guilty of a misdemeanour, and is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.
False imprisonment is an action in the species or genus of trespass to the person which is committed when the voluntary conduct of one person directly subjects another to total deprivation of freedom of movement without lawful justification. Special damage is not required (see, Laws of Australia, (LBC), Volume 33.8 Intentional Torts).
A bill of exchange:

Is given validity by the ‘bill of exchange’ and or each of its set of Instruments being akin to any Notarial Instrument’, if prima facie the bill and each of its Instruments is or are duly executed under an ‘Official Seal’ of a duly appointed ‘Notary Public’ and or of a Public Notary’, and then At-Law the Bill and its Set of ‘Notarial Instruments’ are by all to whom those present shall come before are to be each automatically:

                  * Presumed officially valid and binding instruments;
                  * Self-authenticating instruments;
                  * Probative instruments;
                  * Public or Private instruments;
                  * Thereafter are self-executing instruments; and
                  * Are dated with a fixed, unalterable effective date.

Prima Facie
Is Latin – For: ‘On the first appearance’

Notarized Bills of exchange and its Notarial Set of Instruments (i.e. Notarial Notices, recording of Default Judgment and Protest etc) must each contain facts that are prima facie presumed to be true, unless the validity of the bill of exchange is disproved.

Disproval in this herein Cabinet-Tactics instance would have to have been made by the Debtor Party of the bill of exchange, but that must be done and was not done by the debtor party who failed to object to the noticing Notary before expiry of the time frame given, when the debtor party was served with a ‘Notarial Notice of Dishonour and Opportunity to Cure’, giving therein the debtor party official notice and time to validly object or to honourably cure their dishonour within that given time frame, and noticing that upon failure to officially object or cure, then, noticing therein that the bill of exchange will then without further notice will be under seal ‘Notarial Protested’ duly recording officially and irrevocably in the Notarial Certificate of Protest for immediate payment of the sum certain amount of debt owing to be paid in full, which is to then be honourably paid in full and in good faith and credit by the debtor party or is to be paid after the debtor party falls dishonourably and dishonestly into default is then to be paid via the debtor party’s stated Acceptor Bank who is to then fully satisfy the accruing sum certain amount owing forthwith for and on behalf of the Debtor Party unless the debtor party is being in this instance politically traded insolvently.

But once ‘Successfully Notarial Protested’ a bill of exchange is irrevocable binding and is self enforceable as the Bill and it’s set of ‘Notarial Instruments’ are then jurisdictionally binding as awarded by the Notary’s Court of Faculties local registry office awarded from above the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Australia’s Parliament and they are jurisdictionally binding from above the jurisdiction and authority of the these days corporatized & politically stacked purported High Court of Australia.

Thereby the ‘Notarial Protested’ bill of exchange is irrevocably binding much like an irrevocable High Court of Australia Order.  But a High Court of Australia purported order is out ranked by a protested ‘Notarial Instrument’.

It is reported over time and since ancient times that traditionally a praesumptio veritatis et solemnitatis attaches to ‘Notarial Instruments’ and that entails two (2) consequences of regularity and probativity.

Firstly, by virtue of being an ‘Official Act’ of the ‘Notarial  Instrument’ being in this instance the bill of exchange, and its set of ‘Notarial Instruments’, which do each carry a presumption of regularity attached to the instruments, meaning that all prescribed formalities have all been officially Notarial carried out, including the reading over of the instrument before being Notarial duly sealed.

Secondly, the ‘Notarial Instrument’ being in this instance the bill of exchange and its set of ‘Notarial Instruments’ which are a set of binding ‘Financial Instruments’ which are each self-authenticating and probative, i.e., admissible to prove the truth of its binding contents, and all the Notary’s narrations of fact are considered first-hand evidence of any fact witnessed or verified therein by being duly sealed by the Court of Faculties Notary Officer.

While all ‘Notarial Instruments’ are official documents, they are not all necessarily Public documents; most ‘Notarial Instruments’ are in Public form, meaning a copy is retained by the Notary, but some are in the Private form, that is, they are issue directly to the Bill’s appearer(s).  

In either case, the Bill’s appearer always walks away with a ‘Notarial Instrument’ that is self-executing, that is, it requires no further implementing action to be effective and enforceable, much like a High Court of Australia Order. Furthermore, ‘Notarial Instruments’ have a fixed effective commencement date that cannot be antedated or post-dated.

A secondary effect of a Notarized ‘Bill of Exchange’ or another form of a ‘Notarial Instrument’ is that it or they cannot be altered or overridden by pre-existing or subsequent private or public instruments, - or by instruments duly under seal, deeds, corporate court orders, or contracts. 

For example, a Notarial duly sealed Will and last Testimony cannot be amended or superseded by a non-Notarial codicil or by another non-Notarial Will and last Testimony.   Moreover, duly sealed ‘Notarial Instruments’ are an estoppel and do preclude in this instance, the Debtor Party after Notarial Protest from latter validly raising any purported defences against validly even if corporate court a lower jurisdiction trying to apply to set-aside the valid and already irrevocably and binding ‘Notarial Instrument(s)’ on any purported lawyer style of fabricated assertions or on any purported allegations whatsoever, including:

Assertions of Non est. factum; and or

Based on the contents and or context of the ‘Notarial Instrument(s)’, or by asserting that they do not correctly express the facts, or by lawyers asserting the Notary had no jurisdiction to make any such duly sealed records; and or

By asserting that there are other purported reasons why the irrevocable ‘Notarial Instrument(s)’ should not take effect such as purportedly being Ultra-Vires, or due to purported improper execution, or was purportedly executed by undue pressure to bear, etc, and or even for any other purported reason; etc.

Civil-Law Notary Public’s attain their jurisdiction under the jurisdiction of the Court of Faculties, because whether appointed like those Notary’s who are appointed in Queensland and which said States Notaries are still appointed direct via the Master of the Faculties under the Lord Archbishop for and on behalf of Her Majesty.

The Court of Faculties Head Office is still situated at: 1 The Sanctuary, at Westminster, London, SWIP, United Kingdom.

The same applies whether or not a Notary is appointed via the Chief Justice of a State or Territory within the Commonwealth of Australia all ‘Notarial Instruments’ are duly sealed by the Notary, automatically for and on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors, who is Constitutionally the Lawful Sovereign and are also the Constitutional Monarch of the Commonwealth of Australia. Whether the Notary knows that or not and whether their lawyer chief justice knows that or not or whether they want to admit that or not!

The Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) still validates Notaries to Note and Protest bills of exchange and promissory notes etc, thereby giving sole jurisdiction to their Court of Faculties, thus further invalidating the unconstitutionally non-referendum political lawyer sleight of hand purported Australia Act to be ambiguously lawyer politically written and thereby is dishonestly invalid and may be treasonous.

Because, the Corporatized Law Societies brotherhoods and sisterhoods are dishonourably and are dishonestly trying to perhaps treasonously do away with Notarial Powers by political republican lawyers who are not themselves qualified to be a Notary are hijacking, bullying and threatening Notaries that they via their cartel of law societies will not renew their lawyers/solicitors practicing certificates, if they as qualified Notaries still use their full Notarial Powers.

Those threats are real and have been made since at least the second half of 2008 by a powerful law firm whose senior partner was involved in the Queensland law society indemnity insurance section and in assisting State of Queensland Judiciary; to thereby corruptly try and stop Notaries from exercising their still valid, but perhaps medieval or extraordinary Notarial Powers.

Which Notarial Powers are duly and officially issued irrevocably under their Notarial Seal’s of office for and on behalf of Her Majesty our Constitutional Monarchy.

So that is why dishonourable and corruptly dishonest Corporate Court Lawyers and their law society officers as cartels and are still trying to perhaps treasonously want to in effect do away with Her Majesty’s Prerogative Authority.

To thereby water down or to fully do away with the Jurisdiction of the Court of Faculties, which Royal Prerogative Powers under the Court of Faculties Jurisdiction is given to Notaries pursuant to the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth), but, dishonourable Corporate Lawyers and their cartel of law society brother and sister hoods non qualified notaries are without any Constitutional Referendum are by Republican style of lawyer cartels are doing what it appears to Us at Cabinet Tactics that they are deliberately acting treasonously and with gross revenue raising conflicts of interests, by them as officers of the Corporate Courts wanting to do away with Her Majesty’s Court of Faculties and are also not allowing the teaching of any of these serious facts about the irrevocable powers and superior benefits of Notarial  Instruments and of superior Notarial Powers by those crooked corporatized political funded lawyers having also hijacked the running of their corporatized purported law schools.

So most political appointed corporate court lawyers and theirs and their political lawyer mates hand-picked corporatized Courts judiciary with all their corporatized law degrees, perhaps do still have no factual idea or they do not want to admit that they do not have any valid jurisdiction to validly override any duly sealed and successfully ‘Notarial Protested’ bill of exchange, without acting corruptly or perhaps treasonously, and if they as lawyers judicially attempt to invalidate any such irrevocable ‘Notarial  Instruments’ with any Corporate purported Court Order, then their Corporatized Political Court purported decisions are at all times fully Ultra-Vires, and must be deemed to be deliberate political funded acts of calculate and wilfully premeditated acts of treason committed in total breach of their oath of office and corrupt offences committed in breach of the Constitution without any valid or binding referendum.

The Court of Faculties Abbey's Head Office Head Lawyer asked the undersigned Creditor to please go and see their retained firm of Scrivener Notaries while in the United Kingdom, and the scriveners fully inspected and examined Ivory's Bill of Exchange and its Set of Notarial Financial  Instruments and verified they are valid and legally binding irrevocable Notarial Instruments, but said, that the under signed may need to wait for an Honest Government to be elected to get honourably paid, but the debtor party must eventually pay and that the debtor party debt will validly keep accruing monthly, until the accruing debt is finally fully satisfied by or for the debtor party to the creditor party/holder of the Bill of Exchange and of its binding Set of Notarial Financial Instruments.


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Which other CoT Five (5) matters were by CABINET MEMBERS chosen to be politically discriminately disclosed by the Commonwealth of Australia in the Commonwealth's duly signed off and Telstra board duly signed off purported 1997 Telstra 1 Public Offer Disclosures only, but unlawfully omitted to disclose the undersigned Creditor outstanding CoT liability as part of the HOWARD COALITION GOVERNMENTS years of insider trading and market manipulastion frasuds committed during their Telstra 1, 2 and 3 thereby INVALID purported Telstra share floats.

Which Telstra 1 disclosure by their omissions are Truely False, Misleading and Deceptive Disclosures CABINET MEMBER approved to be falsely published so as to FALSELY mislead and deceive the MARKETS and INVESTORS by CABINET MEMBERS have approved to deceitfully and unlawfully omitting to disclose so as to dishonestly conceal and not reveal the MUCH LARGER QUANTUMS OF THEIR OUTSTANDING CoT LIABILTIES STILL OWING to all omitted 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Victim's who have been defrauded Network-Wide; as still accruing and still FULLY owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as an outstanding politically discriminated against 1800 Prefix defrauded Commonwealth undisclosed Telstra 1, 2 & 3 Float's omitted outstanding CoT Victim.

But the Commonwealth's Telstra 1 Public Offer Disclosures as approved by CABINET MEMBERS in 1997 does deceptively state that $27.7 million dollars in total had been budgeted to be paid-out to the falsely disclosed only the politically aligned other CoT Five (5) between them. 

But between 1999 & 2003 there was Eight (8) CoTs who got paid in restitution of their Property not just the Five (5) thereby FALSELY disclosed and understated number of CoT Victims.

But in 2016 the resitution of Property and Telstra 3 accruing dividends and interest as independently quantified owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is still accruing and sistill FULLY owing the Kenneth-Clyde Ivory. Further proving the Telstra 1 false, misleading & deceptive disclosures!

Simply because our CABINET MEMBERS ENGAGED-IN STRATEGIC TRICKERY AND UNLAWFUL TACTICS in criminally allowing for over Two (2) Decades for rorting and abusing of Commonwealth public funding to hide, conceal and to defraud and silence 1800 Prefix Victims.

Which corrupt and unwaful strategic CoT mishandling and misuses and abuses of Public Funds were paid to corrupt major law firms to ensure to keep concealing from the MARKETS and from INVESTORS that they as CABINET MEMBERS were having their appointed TELSTRA BOARD MEMBERS still TRADING TELSTRA INSOLVENTLY during the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, 2 & 3 Floats.

Which Cabinet-Members were SHADOW TRADING of Telstra while Telstra was insovently being traded which ASIC STACKED failures was fully concealed and omitted and still has not yet been disclosed by even their politically stacked ASIC, ACCC, and the ASX and by the deceptively purported independent TIO Limited all being Cabinet-Members strategically and dishonestly stacked and rigged to conceal CABINET-MEMBERS Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds by evading to make full and proper outstanding 1800 prefix CoT liabilities to deceive the MARKETS & INVESTORS by defrauding Ivory and all other 1800 prefix systemic fault victims. 

Honourably and sincerely,
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory,
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the omitted Bill & its Set of Financial Instruments
Encumbrance's Holder, Creditor & Beneficiary,

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