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Public Debt Avoidance Tactical Crimes?


Are Secret Societies alive and doing well within the Australian Governments? 

  When You have read this section, then perhaps, You can decide for Yourself!

Kenneth Ivory says:A mistake does not become a CRIME until You refuse to correct it .”
Welcome to how the purported ‘Australian Government’ have by premeditated intent & criminality have kept misgoverning, misusing and abusing Tax Payers Hard Earned Funds  from 1 September 1993 consecutively under the maladministrations of Prime Minister(s): KEATING, HOWARD, RUDD, GILLARD, RUDD, ABBOTT, TURNBULL and TURNBULL Government.

Each of the last Eight (8) Prime-Ministership(s) approved the below fraud, thuggery and crimes!
Which systemic fault cover-ups and political approved officers of the Commonwealth's serious wrongdoings included ‘False Apprehension’, and ‘False Arrest’ as was maliciously and wrongfully perpetrated based on premeditated falsehood's and perjury to set-out to intentionally and maliciously ensure to result in an illegal ‘False Imprisonment’ as was wrongfully and dishonestly COMMITTED in Total Deprivation of Human & Civil Liberties to tactically and strategically set-out to unconsionably keep concealing, avoiding to pay and by intentionally concealing and wilfully omitting to honourably disclose the truth; all so as to avoid satisfying a 2016 still accruing Public Debt owing in restitution of Property to Ivory a Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom CoT Victim.
Which unconsionable criminality is premeditated and is wilfully and maliciously still being perpetrated in 2016 by dishonourable officers of the Commonwealth as was inflicted by dual incomes of competing & conflicting loyalties of Mallesons Stephen Jaques law firm Partners; and which Public Funded criminality and crimes arose over the Commonwealth supplying a defective 1800 777 592 Prefix Phone Number, that had in hindsight been negligently and unconscionably supplied in a totally not fit for purpose state for a prolonged period of time; thereby wasting a full Nine (9+) months of Ivory’s Solar-Mesh® businesses national advertising budgets, plus, plus.
So to to then keep concealing the 1800 prefix systemic fault liabilities owing network wide not just on a 1800 prefix-subscriber fault-by-fault-complaint-basis as internal Telecom-Telstra FOI documents do now clearly reveal; that it Nationally was all 1800 Prefix Subscriber who were owed restitution of Property, and it was not just the 1800 777 592 prefix systemic network conditioning failure and insufficient computer billing system systemic faults liabilities owing to just  Ivory, but officers of the Commonwealth thereby dishonestly and fraudulently chose to destroy Ivory’s entire global and national businesses and his life and his families lives to keep concealing that they for well each knew they owed all 1800 Prefix Subscribers Australia Wide from September 1993 but remained silent internally and did absolutely nothing to advise subscribers or to remedy until May 1994.
So the Commonwealth Public Funded all Crimes to conceal all 1800 Prefix Liabilities Owing is the real situation, which in hindsight had dishonestly, unconscionably, unconstitutionally and politically has thereby occurred by officers of the Commonwealth wilfully and dishonourably engaging in grossly unconscionable misconduct Australia Wide designed to cover-up and by making false denials and falsifying records after more and more politically false denials involving all Cabinet-Members downwards.
Hence, such abuses of legal process and sheer illegal and unlawful White-Collar-Crimes and White-Collar-Criminality were strategically, illegally and dishonestly engaged in by very dishonest; but once trusted; officers of the Commonwealth, as was regularly Cabinet-Member approved year-in-year-out; but their strategic fraudulent cover-ups were all initially masterminded in as early as at least 1993; but that was maliciously escalated in about Mid May 1994 by in hindsight Stanley Howard the then Chairman of the Mallesons Stephen Jaques law firm partnership (now known as King Wood & Mallesons) also (Stanley Howard was a Brother of the 1996 to 2007 former Prime Minister John Winston Howard MP and that now dishonourable EX-Prime Minister was also a MSJ Lawyer before politics; as incestuously also was Treasurer Peter Howard Costello); so David Hoare as an officer of the Commonwealth appointed by Cabinet-Members as the Chairman of Telecom-Telstra wilfully acted in dishonest and corrupt concert with Stanley Howard & master minded a plan to silence and destroy the reputation of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory to conceal the 1800 Prefix systemic fault liability owing to Ivory for his business having been supplied 1800 777 592 in a not fit for purpose state.
So Howard and Hoare  on about 15 May 1994 did strategically implant Stephen John Mead a MSJ Lawyer to undercover work full time within Telecom-Telstra as an officer of the Commonwealth; thereby MSJ via Mead was taking control over the misrunning of Telstra’s Legal Directorate Officer; which in-house Telecom-Telstra Legal Directorate Office in those days employed and had more in-house Telstra lawyers employed as officers of the Commonwealth compared to the Largest of any Law Firms in Australia, plus Telstra Public Funded at least Forty Five (45) Major Law Firms on ongoing Retainer Bribes to NOT act for any CoT Victims, the Senate Committee Inquiry into other CoT and CoT related Matters allowed those BRIBES to continue as did Cabinet-Members.
That resulted in more and more dual competing and conflicting loyalty were created; and to make matter more bazar and more sinister the replacement for Stanley Howard at the MSJ partners in 1995 was David Hoare who was the Telecom-Telstra Chairman, and who was thereby also a Political Cabinet-Members Selected officer of the Commonwealth, but still in 1995 David Hoare was Cabinet-Member approved and allowed to also became the dual hat Chairman of the MSJ Partnership, while still also the Chairman of Telstra and while MSJ were Public Funded Retainer Bribed to destroy, defame, silence & to defraud Ivory and in 2016  Ivory is still a fully outstanding CoT liability; so MSJ were Public Funded with Cabinet-Member Approval to Defraud Ivory!
Thereby from 1995 the Chairman of Telstra David Hoare was employed as an officer of the Commonwealth and who was also the Chairman and a Partner of the MSJ Partnership; hence MSJ were taking-over from where Freehill, Hollingdale & Paige left off from having apparently mishandled many other independent, but much lesser quantum of loss, injury and damage Casualties of Telstra Victim’s and of other independent CoT related Victim’s Matters.  So both Freehill's and MSJ were then in 1997, 1999 and in 2006 were by Cabinet-Members appointed as the two (2) Legal Advisory Firms in the Commonwealth’s purported Telstra 1, 2 and 3 Share Float Sales to ensure Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds would be Performed and then Covered-Up. 
So on and from at least about the 15th May 1994 and forward the thereby dual income competing and conflicting loyalty officer of the Commonwealth Stephen John Mead who as a MSJ lawyer was retained as an in-house Telecom-Telstra Legal Counsel and MEAD was thereby an Officer of the Courts and was also an Officer of the Commonwealth; when he (MEAD) and his MSJ Partnership collectively colluded and chose for MEAD to dishonestly and criminally perjured himself so that both MSJ & MEAD would create a pipe line of Public Funded profits to enjoy from the proceeds of the MSJ partnerships and MEAD’S colluded crimes and illegal and bogus frauds perpetrated in total abuse of legal process by MEAD maliciously swearing a materially false statement in a materially false Complaint and Affidavit.
MEAD’S 23 December 1996 Materially False Complaint and Materially False Affidavit were both reprepared by Mead's own MSJ Partnership) to put in-train the Maliciously False Apprehension, False Arrest and False Imprisonment of Ivory on the 23 December 1996 as was illegally committing and perpetrated; and those frauds are still indictable crimes on the part of each of those Public Funded perpetrators parts even in 2016 those frauds are still indictable crimes; i.e perpetrated via David Hoare, Justin Anthony McDonnell and by and for their other MSJ Partnership partners to each profit from; and by Stephen John Mead as also perpetrated by MEAD’S fellow Telstra cohorts such as Fiona Hills, Justin Wastell, Bruce Akhurst, Phillipa Hore, Tim Howard and Carmel Parisi, indeed Ivory’s 1997 defence lawyers Baker Johnson wrote to Ivory in 1997 advising Ivory that the herein named officers of the Commonwealth the Telstra cohorts of Mead’s employed within Telstra, stating that their evidence given in the witness box did not support each of their prior sworn affidavits.   
Which illegal criminality you may be thinking was not necessarily a premeditated FRAUD by colluding officers of the Commonwealth and by State of Queensland implicated Public Officials etc, but they were because the past and present Cabinet Members of the Commonwealth of Australia and of the said State of Queensland Government’s each colluded and have refused and have kept refusing and are still ignoring to constitutionally correct their wrongdoings and have not yet charged or had charged one of them for their crimes; and for the last twenty three (23+) years they have basically been unconstitutionally fobbing off Ivory and are also still unconstitutionally and are unconscionably and discriminately still fraudulently ignoring the Commonwealth of Australia’s still accruing Public Debt owing to Ivory in restitution of Ivory’s Property owing as in 2004 was by officers of the Commonwealth requested to be independently loss assessed and was fully quantified as owing and so they are each political party misacting unlawfully and in total offence of the Australian Government’s political duties owing to  Ivory their 1800 Prefix CoT victim. But in 1999 Cabinet-Member approved for at least Eight (8) other CoT and CoT related victims to be paid in restitution of their Property and in 1999 to 2003 Eight (8) other CoT Victims were each paid from Commonwealth Public Funds. 
Which Political Duty of Care Owing to  Ivory is to ensure the Commonwealth of Australia Constitutionally pay’s Ivory on just terms in restitution of Ivory’s Property, and which Public Debt owing to Ivory when paid will not be income in nature, as it is an accruing Public Debt owing to Ivory for undue harm illegally inflicted on Ivory to prevent  Ivory from being able to continue to earn a living by the Cabinet-Member condoned Cartels malicious predatory boycotting and industrial sabotage perpetrated illegally and maliciously with premeditated Criminal Intent on each of their parts to inflict and cause maximum as possible ongoing undue loss, injury and damage suffered and endured by Ivory and his businesses and by his family resultant directly by such white-collar crimes inflicted as third party predatory boycotting and which was perpetrated with premeditated criminality intention and was illegally, deceitfully and fraudulently wilfully committed in offence of the tort of Fraudulent Misrepresentations on each of their Cartel participant's dishonest parts.
Which Cartel's White-Collar-Crimes in 2016 are still indictable crimes and illegal criminality; which gross wrongdoings were all funded by Commonwealth Public Funds with ongoing revolving Cabinet-Member approvals covered-up by Cabinet-Members omitting to disclose (as far as Ivory is aware) only his CoT matter so as to strategically colluded to wilfully and fraudulently omit to disclose to keep concealing the 1800 Prefix liability and restitution of Property owing to Ivory for his loss, injury and damage of his Inventions boycotting to prematurely ensure the loss of the Inventions Patent Protections in 93 Peace Treaty Countries by their years of Cabinet-Member condoned frauds upon fraud, which resulted in Cabinet-Members wilfully engaging in insider trading and market manipulation frauds during the Commonwealth’s Telstra 1, 2 and 3 purported but in law INVALID Share Sale Floats.
Which global gross predatory cartel wrongdoings, frauds and criminality has all been fully funded for over the last Twenty Three (23+) Years by Cabinet-Members after Cabinet-Members and Governor-General after Governor-General from all sides of politics know of and year-in-year-out kept approving by tacitly aiding and abetting more and more misuses and more and more lawyer abuses of Commonwealth Public Funds and they as Cartel participant tactically and behind the scene’s politically each wilfully kept also approving more and more ongoing misuses and abuses of Public Resources to keep inflicting more and more premature death’s and destruction of family lives and of family owned businesses and to destroy Ivory’s inventions to get them out of the market place globally by officers of the Commonwealth colluding predatorily with Ivory’s Multi-National Competitors to do so; which Inventions had been Patent Protected in 93 Peace Treaty Countries, until more and more officers of the Commonwealth were paid to perjure themselves to pervert and defeat the course of justice, and to retainer bribe law firms and Queens Counsel aided by their Cabinet-Member selected and thereby officers Politically Stacked and Rigged the Judiciary, the ASX, ASIC, the RBA Board, ACCC, the FUTURE FUND board, ACMA and the office of the Governor-General’s to wilfully keep concealing their Political Crimes and Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds. 
Moreover by the 1st January 1996 from mid May 1994 with MEAD employed full time within during that 18 month period in-house within Telstra, MEAD had via Telstra had channelled sufficient Public Funds for the MSJ Partnership to make MEAD a MSJ Partnership Partner of Telstra’s Chairman David Hoare; all while both were still full time Telstra officers of the Commonwealth.
Absolutely mind boggling the above corruption is all Cabinet Member approved and each Governor-General aided and abetted thus far!


THIS IS AN INVITATION BEING MADE HEREIN FROM A MAJOR CREDITOR OF THE: Commonwealth of Australia to the Attention of all Cabinet Members of: The Turnbull Coalition Government, via:

Personal Attention of: The Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull MP.

Dear Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Malcolm B. Turnbull MP; and

FOR AND THE RECORD: It is in good faith that this notice to agent, servant, officer, politician,
cabinet member, prime minister, governor-general, judiciary, the Commonwealth of Australia, the Crown, & to the federal police, is notice to principal and this notice to principal is notice to agent, servant, officer, politician, cabinet member, prime minister, governor-general, judiciary, the Commonwealth of Australia, the Crown & to the federal police.

1.  This invitation is an OPEN INVITATION direct to You Mr. Prime Minister in good faith and is
      to be addressed and remedied by & via Your self as the Commonwealth's Principal Officer,
      Mr. Malcolm B. Turnbull as the Hon. Prime Minister & a Member of the Parliament of the
      Commonwealth of Australia and after all Mr. Prime Minister You are the Principal Cabinet
      Member and You are meant to be like myself still a Fellow Human-Being all wanting what is
      the best for all Australians do You not?  

       a. Or Mr. Prime Minister is that only something Politicians say in the Media to misled?

2.  So this INVITATION is sent and served herein via and to You Mr. Turnbull as You are the Hon.

     Prime Minister and is sent and served on You herein in good faith from Kenneth-Clyde Ivory
     on: www.cabinettactics.com (On this Websites 'Insider Fraud' Page.)

3.  I Kenneth-Clyde Ivory are unconstitutionally Twenty Two (22) Years on since 1993 still

     politically omitted, discriminated against and politically defrauded as an outstanding Major
     Creditor of the Commonwealth; as

    a. I was in 1997, 1999 and in 2006 and ever since still unlawfully omitted, concealed and not
        publically disclosed Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom Telstra CoT Victim since 1993 to
        present date and time in 2016 and thereby I have not yet been paid any restitution for my
        Property, despite being predatorily by public funding of corrupt competing and conflicting
        law firm partnership to rob and defraud Me out of My INVENTIONS Patent Protections I had
        Registered and Accepted in 93 Peace Treaty Countries since 24 February 1994; and

    b. that is despite the fact that at least Eight (8) other CoT and CoT related victims were each
        paid in restitution of each of their Properties right back in 1999 to 2003, paid out of
        Commonwealth Public Funds, were they not? But those CoT Victims were inner National
        Party Circle Aligned & Politically Favoured Largely by Senator Ron Boswell.

4.  It is clearly obvious to Myself Mr. Prime Minister that Your Public Funded officers of the
     Commonwealth are being unconstitutionally paid to intercept and conceal all of My OHMS
     Mail sent to Yourself; otherwise with You Prime Minister also being a Man of integrity and
     holding the Highest Position of Trust as the Principal Officer of and within the Commonwealth
     of Australia as our Hon. Prime Minister; otherwise

     a. had You Prime Minister and had Your Prime Ministerial Predicessors received My
         numerous OHMS Mail and Email's sent to and thereby deemed legally served on and You in
         good faith, then if You are indeed actually a Man of Your Word and of integrity, then You
         Prime Minister would have recognised before this, for You and Myself to be at our most
         creative, then we Mr. Turnbull PM You would have already Prime Ministerially met face-to-
         face with Me, and then We could have already started working together coherently, and in
         a cohesively manner to mutually be able to remedy and commercially settle My
         outstanding Commonwealth of Australia Telecom Telstra Casualties of Telstra (CoT)
         Matters amicably; so

         a. seeing You Mr. Prime Minister have not Yet bothered to ever respond to My requests as a
             Major Creditor of the Commonwealth to yet arrange for Me to meet with You; renders

         b. You have contemptuously and perhaps You have also acted Treasonously towards Her
              Majesty's Authority and against the Crown as You have even failed to comply with My
              duly sealed bill of exchanges set of Commercial Financial Instruments; so why

         c. do You Mr. Prime Minister keep giving publically in the media a thereby false personal
             image of Yourself making out that You have Your Prime Ministerial Door Open to We the
             People, and or to Me as a Major Creditor who is being mistread with Political Distain?; so

         d. clearly by Your repeated Silence to My OHMS mail addressed to You Yourself not sent by
             Me to any of Your Non-Elected Underlings, so it must be that Your Non-Elected
             Underlings are unlawfully intercepted My OHMS Mail addressed soley to You Mr. Prime
             Minister, or

         c. perhaps My OHMS Mail to You is being intercepted because of Your Australia Post
             Chairman Mr. John Stanhope having been strategically Cabinet Member positioned
             because John was on the Telstra Board as its Insider Trading Chief Financial Officer
             who personally, professionally with first-hand knowledge did corruptly and who is
             himself largely responsible for concealing this CoT debt from the MARKETS in 1997, 1999
             and again in 2006 which corrupt INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS
             were collusively and wilfully perpetrated to unlawfully omit to disclose this Public Debt in
             the 1997, 1999 and 2006 Telstra 1, 2 & 3 Prospectuses; so it appears

         d. You Prime Minister have a criminal being rewarded by John now misrunning the
             Commonwealth of Australia's OHMS Australia Post.

5.  After all Mr. Prime Minister for every one (1) dollar of Tax Payers money spent on You
     Yourself Mr. Prime Minister meeting face-to-face with Myself as I am still a Major Creditor of
     the Commonwealth with the Public Debt owing to Me still substancially accruing daily; so

6.  You Mr. Prime Minister will never know without You meeting with Me Yourself as You are the
     Principal Responsible officer of the Commonwealth; but

    a. as I can not get put through to You if I ring You, so to MUTUALLY ARRANGE a meeting You
        honourably and with integrity ONLY simply need to pick-up You Prime Ministerial public
        funded Phone and calling Me to arrange a Time and Venue for You to Honourabvly Met Me;

   b. You Mr. Prime Minister may well save the Tax Payers perhaps hundreds of thousands of
       dollars for each dollar spent from Tax Payers funds for us to both meet face-to-face.

7.  Indeed You were in Melbourne riding on Trams according to the media on the last Thursday
     or Friday in April 2016; so

     a. had You not failed to called Me, then I could have met with You on the tram, and perhaps
         You could have saved the Tax Payer a lot of money already, rather than You instead
         misusing Your Tram ticket to get an election campaign slogan with no meaningful financial
         savings for tax payers.

8.  Mr. Prime Minister When all You had to do was simply pick-up Your Prime Ministerial
     Telephone and You could have arranged and met with Me well before now, so hence as a
     fellow Man this herein is an OPEN INVITATION which has had to be regrettably published to
     You on: www.cabinettactics.com because of Your failures by Your compete silence; hence

    a. Your unacceptable silence has forced Me to now send this OPEN INVITATION to You on the
        World Wide Web given the ingrained culture of Yours and of Your Predecessors being
        misinformed by competing and conflicting loyalty Public Funded strategically positioned
        Staffers due to a plagued proportions endemically corrupt and dishonourable culture;
        which misconduct We the People are all awake-up to and We the People will no longer be
        silenced or tolerate any such Public Office Distain by our Elected and Non-Elected officers of
        the Commonwealth.

Mr. Prime Minister you can ring me on: 0405 122 560 to amicably arrange the herein OPEN INVITATION to meet with Me Face-to-Face.

Dated: Friday 29 April 2016

Honourably and sincerely,                                                                                
with all rights reserved by
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and by

Political: Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Frauds
                  were wilfully perpetrated in the Telstra 3 float!

                   Once Trusted Howard Coalition Government Cabinet Members!

As Trusted Cabinet Members of the Commonwealth of Australia in 2006 did collectively, slyly and sneakily kept secret their clandestine meetings that resulted in the Commonwealth Telstra 3 Share Float's collective and deliberately blatant wrongdoings by Cabinet Members engaging in serious illegal actions of FALSE ACCOUNTING and FALSE DISCLOSURES by wilful OMMISSIONS and passing off an UNATHORIZED PURPORTED PROSPECTUS.

Which Telstra 3 Float criminality has resulted in Financial Institutional Fraud & Deception designed and planned to mislead and deceive the MARKETS and to keep-on behind-the-scenes to keep-on defrauding Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.

In 2016 Ten Years-on and all Federal or Commonwealth Government's of the day including the 2016 TURNBULL COALITION GOVERNMENT are still collectively condoning those Financial Institutional Frauds by collectively ignoring and keeping secret the Commonwealth's Telstra 3 Share Float Frauds by engaging in more sly and sneaky misfeasance in public office to keep lid on the last political decade of their tag teams of political wilful blindness.

That political White-Collar-Crime wrongdoings does amount to ongoing INSTITUTIONAL FRAUD, Corruption and Clandestine Criminality committed by our Cabinet Members since at least 1996 having politically kept secret or done secretively strategically planned Casualties of Telstra discrimination by still politically condoning and deliberately participating in concealing past and present and still daily ongoing corrupt CoT mishandling wrongdoings of:

                           * Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Frauds and which crimes and 
                              frauds were wilfully perpetrated in the Telstra 3 purported share float!

But on the 29 February 2016 formal defeasances processes were jurisdictionally and have been irrevocably taken by Kenneth-Clyde Ivory rescinding and doing away with and making null and void from the 29.02.2016 day and date forward the Commonwealth of Australia's COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA 1222 104 616 purported Telstra 3 Float and doing away with and rendering null and void the Telstra 3 Share Float's purported Telstra 3 Prospectus, which has not been duly signed-off by the 2006 then responsible Minister, the Former Senator the Hon Nicholas Hugh Nick Minchin, and has not been duly signed-off by each of the Board of Directors of Telstra Corporation Limited as officers of the Commonwealth.

New corporate false accounting offences:
The Crimes Legislation Amendment (Proceeds of Crime and Other Measures) Act 2015 (Cth) commenced on 1 March 2016.

Amongst other things, the Act amends the Commonwealth Criminal Code to introduce new false accounting offences relating to corporate involvement in bribery (including foreign bribery). The offences apply both within Australia and overseas, in prescribed circumstances where constitutional power permits.

Intentional false dealing:
The first of the two new offences, set out in new section 490.1 of the Criminal Code, applies where a person makes, alters, destroys or conceals an accounting document, or where a person fails to make or alter an accounting document that the person is under a duty to make or alter, with the intention that the persons conduct would facilitate, conceal or disguise the receiving or giving of a benefit that is not legitimately due, or a loss that is not legitimately incurred.

The offence imposes a maximum penalty for an individual of 10 years imprisonment, a fine of 10 000 penalty units ($1.8 million), or both.

The maximum penalty for a body corporate is the greater of:

                                      (a) 100 000 penalty units ($18 million);

                                      (b) (where the court can determine the value of the benefit) three times the
                                            value of the benefit obtained by the body corporate and any related 
                                            body corporate from the offence; and

                                      (c) (where the court cannot determine the value of the benefit) 10 per cent
                                            of the annual turnover of the body corporate during the 12 months
                                            ending at the end of the month during which the conduct constituting
                                            the offence occurred.

Reckless false dealing:
The second offence, set out in new section 490.2, applies in the same circumstances as the first offence, but where the person is reckless as to whether the benefit or loss would arise.

For the second offence, a lower fault element of recklessness applies and therefore the penalties are half of the penalties for the offence at section 490.1.

Accounting documents are defined as:

                                                * any account; or

                                                * any record or document made or required for any accounting
                                                   purpose; or

                                                * any register under the Corporations Act 2001, or any financial report
                                                   or financial records within the meaning of that Act.

Accounting documents need not be in Australia:
The offences apply to any Australian corporation as well as any employees or persons engaged to do work for the corporation, whether within Australia or outside Australia, and Australian public officials, for eaxample in April 2016 Telstra has yet again had to raise even more funds again without disclosing this still accruing resitution of CoT Victim Property liability as was omitted unlawfully and criminally from disclosure by and in the Commonwealth's Telstra 1, Telstra 2 and Telstra 3 Share Float's as a fully omitted CoT liability, but:

                                                         Telstra raises $750m in bonds
                                                         It has been reported on Friday 08.04.2016 that:

                                             * Telstra has completed a $750 million ($A1.14 billion) bond issue.

                       The notes have a coupon of 1.125 per cent and mature on April 14, 2026.

                                            * Telstra will use the net proceeds from the Notes for general corporate
                                               purposes, the company said on Friday.

At Cabinet - Tactics we do genuinely believe that if Telstra was not in 1996 and if Telstra is not in 2016 technically still being Traded While Insolvent from 1996 to 2016.

Then Telstra would NOT need in 2016 to be still be borrowing such large amounts funds for its general use to most likely keep propping-up its falsely and corruptly Insolvent Trading Frauds and to keep funding corrupt lawyers to conceal its Telstra 1, 2 and 3 Floats were by such herein exposed frauds was and still is a Grossly Over Inflated Share Price. 

Remember in late 2006 Treasurer Peter Costello MP stacked ASIC as INSIDER TRADING FRAUDS to ensure to prevent their then Insolvent Trading of Telstra from being EXPOSED and to PREVENT A TRADING HALT of Telstra Shares, and Tony D'Aloisio an Ex-MSJ partner stacked ASIC with MSJ and Freehills lawyers before he left ASIC as occurred in the ASX Limited with David Hoare and Tony D'Aloisio. 

Furthermore since the 29 February 2016 official and irrevocable rescindment of the Telstra3 Float and of its still unsigned off purported Commonwealth Telstra 3 Prospectus the current Hon. Treasurer Mr Scott Morrison MP is acting recklessly by him NOT yet HALTING the Trading of Telstra Shares until all Telstra 3 Shares have been bought back by the Commonwealth of Australia.  
                         The Tort of False Imprisonment

Stephen John Mead as a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth and MEAD'S 23.12.1996 then concealed, omitted, slyly hidden and undisclosed competing and conflicting loyalty Mallesons Stephen Jaques Law Firm Partnership's Partners collectively masterminded in abuse of legal process an under-handed, false, malicious and criminally unlawful crimes perpetrated to strategically inflict a False & and Wrongful Imprisonment to set-up a law firm pipeling of ongoing profits to be made from the proceeds of their CoT mishandling crimes committe knowingly in offence of: The  tort of false imprisionment to defame, discredit and to further keep defrauding Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as part of their third party preditory boycoting and industrial sabotage by misusing and in effect stealing Public Funds to do so, by strategically misusing their competing and conflicting loyalties in abuse of the fact that Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is aother CoT Victim.

Not only did STEPHEN JOHN MEAD committ indictable crimes on 23.12.1996 in contrevention of Section 3ZT of the Crime Act 1914 (Cth) - Offence for making false statements in warrants:

     * A person must not make, in an application (Complaint) for a warrant, a
     statement that the person knows to be false or misleading in a material particular.
        Penalty: Imprisonment for 2 years. 
But MEAD as an officer of the Commonwealth slyly and criminally acting in concert with his then undisclosed MSJ partners so as to become funded by their collusive and criminal intent to be able to keep misusing and abusing Commonwealth Public Funds to collectively and delibereately engaged in wrongful misconduct in totally bad faith and for also third party preditory boycotting and industrial sabotage tactics by them offending the tort of false imprisonment, which CoT matter in 2016 has a long history since 1993 and this tort has also a very long history and reflects the fundamental interest of the common law in protecting individual liberty and freedom of movement 2 (Ruddock v Taylor (2005) 222 CLR 612 per Kirby J at [137]).
For example, in one case, Fullagar J. stated:

       *   The mere interference with the plaintiffs person and liberty constituted prima facie a
            grave infringement of the most elementary and important of all common law rights:
            Trobridge v Hardy 1955 94 CLR 147 at 152.8 per Fullagar J.
False imprisonment can even occur without the knowledge of the plaintiff: Murray v Ministry of Defence [1988] 1 WLR 692 at 701C (House of Lords - per Lord Griffiths, all other judges agreeing).
The law recognises two classes of false imprisonment cases.
The first class of case involves deprivation of liberty by means of close physical restraint in a prison or in a similar physical confinement. The second class of case need not arise from actual physical confinement and extends beyond the use of force to restraint by threats or submission to assertion of authority provided it has an effect on the mind and freedom of the plaintiff such as was also committed during the Telstra 2006 AGM under instructions given by the Chairman of Telstra on national and international T.V. too two (2) public funded thuggs to interfere with legal service and to mislead and deceive INVESTORS and the MARKET by the also present Telstra Board of Diretors who condoned that false imprisonment to remove and silence Ivory a Telstra shareholder and a major Creditor as an outstanding undisclosed CoT Victim.
The second class of false imprisonment cases has been described as a psychological type of false imprisonment: See Francis A Trindade, The Modern Tort of False Imprisonment Page 229 at 246.7 in Torts in the Nineties, ed by Nicholas J Mullaney, LBC, Sydney, 1997; and Francis A Trindade, The Law of Torts in Australia, 3rd edition, 1999, page 56.2. The expression is derived from the description of this kind of imprisonment by Dunfield J. in Chaytor v London, New York and Paris Association of Fashion Ltd (1961) 30 DLR (2d) 527 at 536-537 (Newfoundland Supreme Court, Canada).
False imprisonment may occur within a particular space: Meering v Grahame-White Aviation Co Ltd (1919) 122 LT Rep 44 at 53 per Atkin LJ - or within defined bounds, but not within a whole country (see Louis v Commonwealth (1987) 87 FLR 277).
In 1215 the Magna Carta made provision for false imprisonment. The definitive form of the document as it appeared in 1297 at clause 29 provided for the following (as reproduced in Sources of English Legal and Constitutional History, ed Michael Evans and R Ian Jack,
Butterworth's, Sydney at page 54):
29. No free man shall be taken or imprisoned or disseised of his freehold, liberties or free customs or outlawed or exiled or in anyway ruined, nor will we go or send against him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of land. To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay right or justice.
In 1520, the definition of false imprisonment contained in the authoritative work Terms de la Lay, was set out in the following terms:
                    *   `Imprisonment' is no other thing, but the restraint of a man's liberty whether it be

                           in the open field, or in the stocks, or in the cage in the streets or in a man's own
                           house, as well as in the common gaol; and in all the places the party so restrained
                           is said to be a prisoner so long as he hath not his liberty freely to goes at all
                           times to all places whither he will without bail or main, prise or otherwise. Cited
                           with approval in Meering v Grahame-White Aviation Co Ltd (1919) 122 LT Rep 44
                           at 51 per Duke LJ and Atkin LJ at 53 and in Myer Stores Ltd v Soo [1991] 2 VR 597 at
                           599 (per Murphy J).
In 1765, William Blackstone set out the following in his Commentaries on the Laws of England, first edition, Volume 1, of the Rights of Persons at pages 131 and 132:
          * Of great importance to the public is the preservation of this personal liberty: ...
The confinement of the person, in any wife, is an imprisonment. So that the keeping a man against his will in a private house, putting him in the stocks, arresting or forcibly detaining him in the street, is an imprisonment.


Grounds For Other Reasons For Disqualification and or For Recusal:

It is most likely fair to say that most motions to disqualify judges or politicians are based on allegations of judicial bias or political bias and or apparent bias; and, of those that are not, the vast majority are predicated on claims that the judge or a politician has a financial interest in the cause, is related to someone who has such an interest, or has comported himself or herself in such a way as to raise concerns about his or her ability to be be impartial in presiding over the subject matter or over any matters whatsoever.

Sometimes, though, such motions to disqualify have been predicated upon other grounds; such as the judge's or politician's background or work experience, his or her knowledge about the parties or the relevant facts, or his or her ex parte communications with others about the subject matter of the case or over any matters whatsoever.

With the State of Queenslands all three (3) Appeal Court Justices DAVIES, JERRARD & WILSON wilfully concealed in 2002 their collective and their individual bias and competing and conflicting loyalties in relation to the matter KENNETH CLYDE IVORY V/s TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED & STEPHEN JOHN MEAD thereby they each wilfully and corruptly concealed their apparent bias and their relationships with PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC who also concealed his bias and who was taking retainer bribes to defend TELSTRA & MEAD in the herein referred to malicious prosecution rightful matters by KENNETH CLYDE IVORY.

For example in 1999 to 2005  in hindsight:   KEANE QC failed to disclose he was the State of Queenslands Solicitor-General from 1992 to 2005 while taking Commonwealth Public Funded Retainer Bribes to in exchange mislead the Trial Judge in 2001 and to not INDICT or PROSECUTE TELSTRA & MEAD over MEAD having maliciously sworn a materially false Complaint on the 23 December 1996 to procure the issuing of an INVALID from day one purported APPREHENSION WARRANT as part of his and his undisclosed Mallesons Stephen Jaques predatory industrial boycotting and industrial sabotage Casualty of Telstra (CoT) Victim mishandling tactics to avoid paying restitution of property owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory for having been supplied a not fit for purpose 008 to 1800 prefix number for a prolonged period of time wasting Ivorys businesses 1800 Prefix number National Advertising and National Promoting of the new 1800 Prefix Number 1800 777 592.

Further:  DAVIES J failed to disclose he previously held the job of KEANE QC of being the State of Queensland Solicitor-General before KEANE QC replaced DAVIES J when DAVIES J was elevated to the State of Queensland's Court of Appeal Judiciary position in 1992 to 2005.

Further: JERRARD J failed to disclose he was an articles clerk in the State of Queenslands Solicitor-Generals office and was then its Prosecutor before being elevated to the State of Queensland Judiciary and had a conflict of interest in relation to that office and KEANE QC as does DAVIS J & WILSON J as does KEANE QC.

Further: WILSON J failed to disclose that she was an ARTICLES CLERK under PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE and under JUSTIN ANTHONY MCDONNELL at Ruth Freezling Solicitors in Brisbane before being elevated to the State of Queensland judiciary. MCDONNELL being one of the Solicitors instructing KEANE QC on his retainer bribes from 1999 to 2005 and being a senior Partner in the Mallesons Stephen Jaques Law Firm partnership thereby was a partner of STEPHEN JOHN MEAD without disclosing MEAD was a MSJ Partner while a legal directorate Telstra officer of the Commonwealth acting without the necessary authority from the Telstra board on the 23 December 1996.

Bias of a judge or of judges may involve actual or apprehended bias.

Actual bias
A judge or judges affected by actual bias would be unable to comply with the or their Judicial Oath, and would or ought to be disqualified from sitting. In any such a case, the question for determination is whether or not there is an actual bias in fact.

Apprehended bias
The test for determining whether a judge or judges should disqualify himself or herself or themselves by reason of apprehended bias is “whether a fair-minded lay observer might reasonably apprehend that the judge might not bring an impartial and unprejudiced mind to the resolution of the question the judge is required to decide”

Some Case Law
Johnson v Johnson (2000) 201 CLR 488 at [11], affirmed in Ebner v Official Trustee in Bankruptcy (2000) 205 CLR 337; applied in Michael Wilson & Partners Ltd v Nicholls (2011) 244 CLR 427; distinguished in British American Tobacco Australia Services Ltd v Laurie (2011) 242 CLR 283; see also Slavin v Owners Corporation Strata Plan 16857 [2006] NSWCA 71; Barakat v Goritsas (No 2) [2012] NSWCA 36 and Isbester v Knox City Council (2015) 89 ALJR 609.

As to the former association of the judge with legal representatives and litigants, see Bakarich v Commonwealth Bank of Australia [2010] NSWCA 43. As to the relevance of non-disclosure to issues of apprehended bias, see Whalebone v Auto Panel Beaters & Radiators Pty Ltd (in liq) [2011] NSWCA 176. As to a party being a member of the actual trial court, see Rouvinetis v Knoll [2013] NSWCA 24.

Re: Recusal of Patrick Anthony Keane QC From 
       the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA Judiciary.

                                                      His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove, of & for & on
                                                      behalf of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the
                                                      Second, Constitutionally Our Lawful Sovereign
                                                      of the Commonwealth of Australia, as You are
                                                      Her Majestys sworn-in Governor-General of the
                                                      Commonwealth of Australia;
Express Post served in-care:  Government-House
                                                      Dunrossil Drive,
                                                      Yarralumla A.C.T [2600]
                                           Tel:    (02) 6283 3533                                     Dated: 23.05.2016
Dear Governor-General of Her Majestys Constitutional Prerogative Authority,             

Enclosed herewith is a copy of a HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA 13 May 2016 reply sent by Carolyn Rogers the Courts Senior Registrar a non-judicial response that is just a standard judicial servant tactical and typically is a misrepresented fob-off purported response to our Monday 2nd May 2016 NOTICE OF, & FOR the CHIEF JUSTICES FORTHWITH JUDICIAL RECUSAL from the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA judiciary of PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC for life.
Estoppel is a rule of law which prevents PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC from now falsely alleging or falsely denying the facts set-out in our previously High Court of Australia CHIEF JUSTICE served RECUSAL DOCUMENTED facts about PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC a Commonwealth Public Funded Retainer Bribed 2001 & 2002 previous criminal acts. Which crimes of KEANE QC are now being covered-up and ignored Politically by Your Caretaker Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull MP and by the current HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA Chief Justice and thereby also by the other High Court Justices.
Based on the High Courts Chief Justice & Keane QC response sent via their Senior Registrar Carolyn Rodgers in her response; so INSTEAD of complying with the LAW they are now by their dishonour, it appears are trying to solicit business for the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA in abuse of their employment as a ploy to try & wilfully conceal & cover-up the fact that the CHIEF JUSTICE is thereby dishonestly aiding & abetting the crimes of KEANE QC by having his underling to fob-off the undersigned INFORMANT; so as to try & protect the 1999 to 2005 corruptly retainer bribed PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC; so we further place herein on public record how they have failed to yet even create any HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA Reference Number for the official & irrevocable RECUSAL NOTICE previously served on the CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA, but has himself instead engaged in criminal intent by the CHIEF JUSTICE not having forthwith officially recused Patrick Anthony Keane QC for life from being a HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA judge.
Due Process (of Law) is a fundamental principle of COMMON LAW which obligates the COURTS and court appointed officers to follow correct legal process as well as the obligations of their office as established by legal PRECEDENT and reflected in CASE LAW and as is required of them by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia to fully comply with their duty.
The ancient pre-Vatican Latin maxim for due process is VIRTUTE OFFICII -- which translates literally as "by virtue of their office".  Due Process is frequency misunderstood as pertaining to the rights of individuals before the courts and even the notion of "natural justice", which is strictly incorrect.  Instead, it is the LAW itself that is granted certain rights under Due Process and under the Constitution, which the COURTS and its Officers are obliged to honour and follow "to the letter" of the LAW and not to have their underling fob-us-off!
Which ongoing failure to enforce justice does simply evidence that thus far the first and foremost pledge of all senior legal representatives of the "Justice" systems within the Commonwealth of Australia is not to impart fair and true legal judgment, but to instead corruptly protect the politically appointed Judicial Cult from being held accountable for their unlawful actions; which crimes to them = their own self-serving fundamental meaning of purported Justice by defrauding & preventing justice being available to We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia.
The people-jurors are aware that they rely on their rights and protection from crime being upheld by judgements of jurors just such as by them, & to whom they are an example to all.  As opposed to how Three (3) competing & conflicting loyalty mate judges of PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC corruptly colluded in 2002 to protect KEANE QC & to protect the States retainer-bribed Solicitor-General by wilfully concealing their bias & gross conflicts of interests.
So, whereas there is the strongest of incentives to judge truly & well, there exists no reason at all for disinterested people to render any verdict but the one which is fair and true.  For these reasons, all sane adults are qualified to try & to judge each others behaviour - with the obvious exception of government representatives & employees: prosecutors, judges, police & prison service, etc. These latter are remunerated by government &, regardless of the law, potential for injustice, feel themselves compelled to enforce the legislation of their masters, their employer, the government, because failure to do so incurs impeachment, punishment and or expulsion from their jobs.
These inevitably biased people cannot but make such corruptly incompetent judgements on the justice of their masters laws.  That is why Constitutional Common Law governing Trial by Jury prohibits government-appointed persons from presiding at all in due process (lawsuits, trials; civil, criminal & fiscal, commercial): Corporate convenors (nowadays misnamed judges) must be locally politically-chosen; i.e., by regularly-elected politicians who are members of political parties; & which feasters more & more political party corruption. 

Naturally, Common Law excludes from jury service anyone self-disqualified by their adopting a thesis which advocates or prescribes mendacity (perjury; taqiyya; kitman; sharia) as a means of advancing a religion or protecting its or their fellow political party adherents.

Voting & referenda produce majority rule statute laws; nothing remotely to do with justice per se as the plebiscites showed in the Third Reich.  What goes on in referenda & the national assembly has nothing whatsoever to do with Trial by Jury; & this latter is the basis of democracy through which the people rule.  Through it they or We the People hold in their own keeping all the rights, entitlements & liberties which they wish to enjoy.   A referendum or statute or elections are not systems for establishing equal justice.  Whereas, true democracy (is founded on the Constitution of Government by Trial by Jury, sine qua non) is the very embodiment of a system of We the People, for the people, which is fully pre-occupied with ensuring liberty & equal justice for all.
But by having been denied that Constitutional right for KENNETH CLYDE IVORY to have had a Trial by Jury in 2001 has in 2016 resulted in the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia Mr. FRENCH & His justices who Carolyn Rodgers has just fronted as a servant of & has thereby acted in dishonest dishonour for & on behalf of them in their strategically dishonest 13 May 2016 fob-off written to try and cover-up KEANE QC Crimes as evidenced within her nonsensical reply; which confirms by virtue of their office their combined dishonourable & dishonest dishonour as was perpetrated in breach of the Recusal LAW itself.
As recorded herein on public record that by Ms. Rogers & by each of them judicially having thereby chosen to aid & abet in fobbing us off to instead of upholding the law of RECUSAL; they have each chosen to aid & abet the 2001 & 2002 dishonesty of Justice(s) DAVIES, JERRARD & WILSON who colluded behind closed doors with their colleague & their old mate PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC so as to unlawfully and collectively misuse their powers and positions to simply pervert & defeat the Course of Justice instead of upholding the LAW;  and so now the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA in May 2016 have each thereby chosen to criminally & unlawfully keep aiding & abetting in concealing those 2001 & 2002 indictable crimes wilfully & dishonestly perpetrated for and by PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC via him & his then fellow State of Queensland employee three (3) Justices perpetrating their behind closed doors 2002 collusive dishonest falsehoods & their premeditated indictable crimes committed in total abuse of their combined powers and combined positions of trust to wilfully and dishonestly further defame with an intention to fully destroy the name & standing of KENNETH CLYDE IVORY.
Which judicial & legal profession crimes perpetrated by the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA CHIEF JUSTICE in May 2016 as has been clearly perpetrated via its Chief Justice & by its other Officers despite the fact they were each obliged to honour & remedy forthwith by following & complying with the FULL RECUSAL of KEANE QC for life "to the letter" of the LAW, as per our previously served NOTICE for the RECUSAL of PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC.  
So Her Majestys Governor-General may now need to seek advice direct from Her Majesty Herself to decide whether or not for the Full Bench of the High Court of Australia to be themselves also each officially recused along with PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC by exercising the prerogative powers of Her Majestys Governor-General Recusing each of the Seven (7) Justices for the rest of each of their natural lives, by way of Your Prerogative Powers invested in You as Her Majestys Governor-General for each of them having scurrilously fully ignored the LAW; by them dishonestly now protecting their corrupt fellow officer of the Commonwealth PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC.
So We point-out & make it patently clear that We have not filed in the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA & We will not be attempting to file in the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA any HIGH COURT APPLICATION to RECUSE & REMOVE PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC as that is not our duty to file only to notice them to do their job and recuse KEANE QC for life from remaining on as judge of any court and as remaining on as an officer of any court.
Moreover the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA has proven by their nonsensical response their inability to act impartially against a fellow cartel member mate of theirs despite the fact that PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC in 2001 & in 2002 dishonestly & corruptly acted in concert with the State of Queensland Appeal Courts three (3) competing & conflicting Justice(s) DAVIES, JERRARD & WILSON to corruptly violate the legal right of KENNETH CLYDE IVORY so as to Ultra-Vires inflict a wrong so as to maliciously do unjust harm, & to defraud & to inflict additional ongoing undue loss, injury, damage & undue suffering.  
It is now constitutionally the Governor-Generals prerogative duty of care for & on behalf of Her Majesty to forthwith FULLY RECUSE PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC from NOT remaining on for even one day longer as a politically appointed & politically & judicially protected Judge of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA because PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC is a very corrupt man & is an unworthy officer of the Commonwealth & he is not a fit or proper Man to remain-on as judge & or to remain-on as an officer of any purported Court for even one single day longer. So KEANE QC must be forthwith RECUDSED by the Governor-General exercising Your official prerogative authority to forthwith FULLY RECUSE & REMOVE PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC from ever acting in Law whatsoever for the rest of PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QCs natural life. 
Moreover, any judgements KEANE QC is involved in making from this day forward must be EXPUNGED seeing that the Chief Justice of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA JUSTICE FRENCH has previously already been noticed that KEANE QC is not a fit & proper man to judicially decide on any ones fate in any court of law, indeed all judgements since 1992 involving KEANE QC as the State of Queensland Solicitor-General each ought to be all re-examined.
Thereby Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is a first-hand witness but is not a litigant & is not about to become a corporatized HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA litigant or a litigant in any other politically STACKED corporate purported Court.
But Kenneth-Clyde Ivory the undersigned Man is a first-hand witness, victim and is the herein informant of KEANE QC CRIMES & FRAUDS; so therefore Kenneth-Clyde Ivory & or KENNETH CLYDE IVORY are not even potential litigant(s) in the politically corporatized purported HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA & or in other politically stacked & politically corporatized purported Court(s). 
We the People are meant to be protected by the Chief Justice of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA from corrupt officers of it like PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC is & so MR. FRENCH as the CHIEF JUSTICE had a duty to immediately act & RECUSE KEANE upon service; when previously noticed of KEANES Crimes.
We did not asked Carolyn Rodgers to assist Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, other than for Her to hand over forthwith our Email & our EXPRESS POST legal service copy of Ivorys 27 April & 2 May 2016 RECUSAL NOTICES to the HON. CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA as addressed to him, not to Her, and not to any other servant of the corrupt PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC.

We place on public record herein the fact that thereby the CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERT SHENTON FRENCH AC has failed in His duty of care to hold PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC to account by NOT having RECUSED KEANE QC for life. 
We place on public record herein the fact that thereby the now Caretaker Prime Minister Mr. MALCOLM TURNBULL MP has also failed in His duty of care to have had PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE held to account by the Prime Minister NOT having had the Governor-General to yet RECUSE Keane QC for life. 
We place on public record herein the fact that thereby Her Majesty via the prerogative power invested in Her Majestys Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove have both failed in their prior duty of care by NOT yet having RECUSED PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC to hold KEANE QC to account. So NOW the Governor-General is hereby OFFICIALLY INSTRUCTED TO FORTHWITH FULLY RECUSE KEANE QC for the rest of PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE natural life.     
We find that past neglect of duty of care owing to We the People to perhaps have been treasonous misconduct on each of their parts; so You Sir as Her Majestys Governor-General therefore We herein draw to Your attention these herein facts & so You need to note the Hansard 05-03-1891 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention)
The Governor-General, as representative of the Queen in these federated colonies, should be clothed by statute with all the powers which should belong to the representative of her Majesty; he should be above all risk of attack, because he should act only on the advice of responsible ministers, who should be prepared either to obtain the sanction of Parliament for their acts or vacate office.
Parliament, in its turn, should be brought into intimate relation with the electorates. This is true, popular government.  END OF QUOTE
PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC now needs to be Fully Recused for life by Her Majestys prerogative authority invested Constitutionally in You Sir Peter Cosgrove as You Sir are Her Majestys sworn-in Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, so it is therefore now Your own legal duty as the Governor-General to without any fear or favour to forthwith fully recuse PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC from public life and from remaining on as a Justice of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA and from remaining on as being an officer of any Court within the Commonwealth of Australia forthwith for the rest of KEANE QC natural life.
So You Sir as the Governor-General do constitutionally need to now forthwith act in full compliance with the prerogative powers invested constitutionally in You & particularly now that You Sir have already dissolved the Parliament & You have no powers to delay for one day longer in RECUSING KEANE QC as is further outlined by the Hansard 10-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates (Official Record of the Debates of the National Australasian Convention) STATES:
Mr. BARTON - The term "Governor-General in Council when used means the
                          Governor-General in Council with the advice of the Executive. 
Mr. DEAKIN -  And what does "Governor-General" mean? 
Mr. BARTON - That means the ordinary powers in-trusted to the Governor-
                          General by the Queen. 
Mr. DEAKIN -  And these are to be exercised by him only on the advice of
                         his Ministers?
Mr. OCONNOR - When you only find the term "Governor-General," that
                              means the "prerogative".                               END OF QUOTES.
So clearly as the Governor-General it is Sir Your Duty to forthwith act from above the Parliament as Her Majestys Governor-General by forthwith exercising the necessary prerogative powers available for You to now forthwith today FULLY RECUSE PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC from being an officer of any Courts for the rest of his natural life & to also additionally prerogative command in writing ordering & instructing Her Majestys STATE OF QUEENSLAND Governor & or his Attorney-General to FULLY EXPUNGED forthwith the 2001 Ultra-Vires decision of the now late Justice Douglas as procured by KEANE QC having definitely misled that trial judge, & to also forthwith FULLY EXPUNGE the 2002 Court of Appeal Predatorily Corrupt Decisions of the former Justices(s) DAVIES, JERRARD & WILSON issued Ultra-Vires by their predatory judicial corruption as is fully set out in the previously served RECUSAL Notice.
Which also means You need to forthwith as Her Majestys Governor-General to also prerogative command & instruct the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to fully satisfy the WELL OVERDUE outstanding & independently quantified Public Debt which is still fully owing to Ivory & which must now be fully satisfied from & out of the Commonwealths FUTURE FUND RBA held account proceeds as they were procured by & from the Commonwealths 2006 Telstra 3 Share Sale conversion when transferred by default into legal tender cash funds & or command for the RBA to pay Ivory by way of equivalent value in Gold Bullion payment which is to be paid direct to the 2005 Bill of Exchanges Creditor & Beneficiary who is the herein undersigned Informant, & is also the Bills Creditor & Beneficiary - Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.
Which also means You need to forthwith additionally as Her Majestys Governor-General to also forthwith by Your prerogative commands instruct in writing for the State of Queenslands Bill of Exchange designated Acceptor Bank being the Commonwealth Bank of Australia whose CEO Mr. Ian Narev must be by the Governor-General to be commanded by Your prerogative authority to forthwith fully satisfied the State of Queenslands 2 April 2015 still accruing interest bill of exchange full debt owing to KENNETH CLYDE IVORY.
Which separate bill of exchange debt SUM CERTAIN OWING was & is DFAT Commonwealth duly sealed Public document No. MFAF7653 & which Bill is & has been successfully protested for payment since on the 25th May 2015.
Which State of Queensland overdue & still accruing debt in part does includes for the full refund owing of to IVORY for the 7 December 2001 State of Queensland Appeal Court Ivory lodged $16,000.00 Security Over Costs; & its still accruing compounding interest; which security over costs funded accruing funds were corruptly fully stolen by the State of Queensland Treasury when in 2013 those accruing funds became consolidated revenue by default & without Ivorys prior knowledge or consent, & contrary to law.
Those State of Queensland Appeal Court Registry held security over costs funds were in February 2005 agreed & authorised by Telstra Board Authority via Mr. Glen Turnor an in-house Telstra Solicitor who was duly authorised by its CEO MR. Z. SWITKOWSKI a then Telstra officer of the Commonwealth who authorised for Mr. Turnor to irrevocably bind the Board & Telstra Corporation a then majority owned agency of the Commonwealth on that day while & when We were sitting before the independent mutually & ministerially authorised Mr. NIMMO J, which is when Mr. Turnor authorised & undertook for  the court held security funds to be unconditionally fully refunded to Ivory as the funds were in 2001 scurrilously forced to be funded resultant by State of Queensland Court Judiciary, Registry & Legal Profession collective Corruption.
But in early 2006 due to a corruptly dishonest lawyer SHANE PATRICK DONOVAN were still not refunded & so then years later were in 2013 ex-parte without Ivorys knowledge the still accruing registry held funds were fully stolen by the State of Queensland Treasury to thereby wilfully aid & abet in further defaming & defrauding KENNETH CLYDE IVORY to further keep unlawfully protecting their 2001 & 2002 corrupt three (3) Court of Appeal Judiciary & their then dual income competing & conflicting loyalty Commonwealth Public Funded States dishonest Retainer Bribed dual hat, integrity & morally dishonest Solicitor-General - PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC.
Which also means You need to forthwith as Her Majestys Governor-General to prerogative command & instruct in writing for the Commonwealth Department of Finance Accounts Payable Officers to immediately fully satisfy the accruing Public Debt owing to KENNETH CLYDE IVORY, which additional Public Debt arose on & from the 23 February 2009 when the Mallesons Stephen Jaques partnerships partners approached & criminally induced that Departments Ms. Jenni Koenig, Mr. Anthony Asome & Ms. Alice Spurgin to maliciously sign their names to fraudulently commit wilful & bogus perjury to unlawfully further & to additionally defame & defraud KENNETH CLYDE IVORY as part of the Commonwealth of Australias ongoing corrupt & predatory boycotting frauds to harm & destroy KENNETH CLYDE IVORY & to defraud & to conceal they wilfully omitted to disclose all 1800 Casualties of Telstra Victims.
The INFORMANT reiterates in good faith that as the undersigned beneficiary, Victim, Witness, Creditor & Informant does hereby in good faith officially notice Her Majesty via Her Governor-General of these actual & truthful facts so the Governor-General is now compelled to forthwith FULLY RECUSE PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC for the rest of his natural life according to Law.
Thereby Her Majesty via You Sir as her Governor-General are to forthwith use Your Prerogative Duty & Prerogative Obligations by forthwith fully Recusing PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC from any longer holding any office & from ever again holding any public office whatsoever for the rest of PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QCs natural life from this herein May 2016 legal service of this notice to recuse being hereby now deemed legally & officially served on You as Her Majestys Governor-General & with Her Majestys Parliament having been already dissolved by You as the Governor-General, & to also prerogative command & instruct to have all three (3) of the various restitutions of Property to be forthwith Paid direct to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as outlined herein above.
This official notice is our instructions officially instructing for You Sir as Her Majestys Governor-General to fully recuse PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC for life & to do so forthwith without any further delay or hindrances.
Her Majesty & You Sir Peter Cosgrove as Her Majestys Governor-General are hereby deemed to be each legally served via service on Her Majestys Governor-General by way of this herein Express Post Tracked Legal Service.
Honourably and in good faith with all rights
reserved for and by Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, the
herein Witness, Informant, Creditor, and Beneficiary;             .....................................
and outstanding Victim of their Predatory Crimes.                  (Kenneth-Clyde Ivory)
And all rights are reserved for KENNETH CLYDE IVORY.
In care: P.O. Box 403 Geelong, Geelong City, Victoria Situated,
               within the Commonwealth of Australia.             [3220]

Mob:   0405-122-560.
P.S.      Sir Peter Cosgrove it is OK to simply pick-Your phone & ring Kenneth Ivory.

RE: State of Queensland Supreme Court of Appeal
Matter Number: BS 9084 of 1999

PARTIES WERE:           KENNETH CLYDE IVORY (Plaintiff - Appellant)

                                               TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED (First Defendant)
                                STEPHEN JOHN MEAD (Second defendant) 




Informant & Witness: Kenneth-Clyde Ivory,
                       Address: P.O. Box 403 Geelong,
                                        Geelong City, in the
                                        State of Victoria, within
                                        the Commonwealth of Australia. [3220]
             Mob:  0405 122 560
                           E-mail:   [email protected]
                                   Web:  www.cabinetstacked.com
                                                         Web:   www.cabinettactics.com
                                                   Web:  www.cabinetdeceitfultactics.com 

                              Dated:  Monday  02nd  May 2016

As listed below You are each now served via: Tracked EXPRESS POST service and now also with this latter amended version by email.

FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF: The Hon. Chief Justice of the High Court of
                                                                 Australia Mr. Robert Shenton French AC and
                                                                     to also Mr. Patrick Anthony Keane via the Hon.
                                                               Chief Justices own hand, both now deemed
                         served in-care:  P.O Box 6309 Kingston, A.C.T. [2604]
                                              Tel:  (02) 6270 6857
                                       And of: His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove, of: For
                                                  Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the
                                                                Second, Constitutionally Our Lawful Sovereign
                                                              of the Commonwealth of Australia as You are
                                                             Her Majestys Approved Governor-General of
                                       the Commonwealth of Australia
 served in-care:  Government-House
                        Dunrossil Drive,
                                      Yarralumla A.C.T [2600]
             Tel:  (02) 6283 3533

                         And to:  The Hon. Prime Minister
                                                     Mr. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull MP
                                         Served in-care:   Ground Floor, 287-289 New South Head       
                                                                                   Road, Edgecliff New South Wales. [2027]                                            
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Dear above named Gentlemen,

I know that it is my duty to keep You each informed of MY WILL on anything that comes on before the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia or that should come before the Parliament and or which in this instance should have come previously before the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia.

It is MY WILL that You each take immediate action necessary to immediately have PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC fully removed from any longer being a Judge of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA and fully removed from any longer holding any legal practicing certificate anywhere within the Commonwealth of Australia for the rest of Patrick Anthony Keanes natural life.

Preferably by You Mr. French AC simply immediately taking the necessary action Exparte and immediately this week as the Hon. Chief Justice of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA, immediately Fully Recusing PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC for the reasons set-out herein below in good faith, as You are the Hon. Chief Justice who now needs to immediately do so; so as to fulfil Your Judicially defined function and duty of care by refusing to bend to any Political Party or to any Law Society Pressures and it is My RESPONSIBILITY and My DUTY to do My best to ensure You do so honourably and immediately without delay, excuse and without hindrances and without any fear or favour on any of Your Parts.


The undersigned witness and informant Kenneth-Clyde Ivory in good faith do herein first refer You to the MISCONDUCT, JUDICIAL FRAUD AND WRONGFUL ACTIONS of three (3) judge(s)who failed from abstaining from participation in an official action such as an appeal of legal proceeding when being Appealed within the State of Queenslands Supreme Court of Appeal in 2002; and

due to the three (3) judges each having proceeded without disclosing their combined conflicts of interests and competing loyalties of the three (3) presiding court of appeal official(s) justices, and or administrative officer(s) and or of the defending Queens Counsel involved with them.

Who as the three (3) State of Queensland Appeal Court Justices DAVIES J, JERRARD J and WILSON J including the defending QC himself KEANE QC each acted in concert with each other to and they did (in-hindsight we find) dishonestly concealed and omitted to disclose that collectively they all of the three (3) justices and Patrick Anthony Keane QC himself had dishonourably and they all four (4) collectively had dishonestly concealed and omitted to disclose their combined intertwined long history of in this instance grossly corrupt competing and conflicting loyalties and acted fraudulently to give special favours to protect the Defendants who were being misrepresented by paying retainer bribes to PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC a mate and colleague of the three (3) justices who collectively acted fraudulently and in total abuse of their combined positions to defraud KENNETH CLYDE IVORY resultant by the three (3) justices and KEANE QC having intertwined and judicially corrupt combined ongoing personal and professional gross conflicts of interests and competing loyalties and each all four failed to recuse to save themselves.

Which omissions to disclose was deceit a kin to the tort of fraudulent misrepresentations to perpetrate judicial and Queens Counsel Fraud, as they clearly have wilfully concealed with pre-meditated intensions by them each collectively intending to proceed to falsely and dishonestly pervert and defeat the course of justice; as

they did to fraudulently in 2002 to dishonestly protect each other and to dishonestly and fraudulently protect and conceal the conflicting standings and reputations of the office of and the position of the State of Queenslands Solicitor-General, and that of the States Attorney-General and that of the States Crown Law Officers and of the States Political Parties Reputations by collectively choosing to instead dishonestly and corruptly further continuing to defraud, injure, damage and inflict ongoing undue loss, injury and damage by fraudulently defrauding IVORY out of the security over costs which funds in 2013 were without consent put into the States consolidated revenue by more State of Queensland collusive court officers fraud and theft; and to keep wilfully defaming injuring and destroying the rights entitlements of the name of and reputation of: KENNETH CLYDE IVORY, to conceal the 2002 judicial and Queens Counsel Frauds; and

thereby in 2002 they each corruptly all four (4) jointly engaged in bad faith to dishonestly abuse all four (4) of their positions of trust by proceeding silently in bad faith to from behind the scenes too underhandedly act in total offence of the law and in total offence of their own oaths sworn to become officers of the State of Queensland and also sworn to become trusted officers of the State of Queenslands Courts; and

they thereby corruptly, jointly and dishonestly misused and abused their combined positions of trust, so as to unjustly and collectively inflict more undue loss, injury and damage with premeditated intents to further inflict loss, injury and damage and to dishonestly by collective Larson defraud and to thereby silence and to ultimately destroy the name of and the good standing of KENNETH CLYDE IVORY when before the then trusted State of Queenslands Supreme Court of Appeal in 2002.

To be a Judge of any Court the judge(s) or presiding officer(s) of the Courts must be each free by honourably disabling their bias and conflicts of interest; which

if disabled honourably and in good faith would have and or would have made the fairness of the proceedings by fair play and would have been less likely for the undersigned to have now be need to be herein rightfully and legally required to be whistle-blowing to bring into question their combined misconduct and their combined very despicable, and dishonestly unlawful wrongdoings, perpetrated fraudulently and corruptly by the said three (3) justices and by their cohort Patrick Anthony Keane QC.

A judge or judges must recuse by excusing oneself from a case because of a potential conflict of interest or lack of impartiality.           That is the law!

It was a duty of KEANE QC as the legal counsel acting for the Commonwealth of Australias Telstra Corporation Limited & STEPHEN JOHN MEAD an officer of the Commonwealth and as an officer of the Courts and as a Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partner all at the same time; despite MEADS thereby gross conflicts of interests and competing and conflicting loyalties by each of them failed to ask or to instruct the three (3) justices to rescue themselves and failed to rescue KEANE QC from each all four (4) from continuing to be allowed to judicially hear and to Queens Counsel represent Telstra & Mead with MEAD being an officers of the Commonwealth in that case, because of their combined competing loyalties and corrupt and joint bias; but

each of the three (3) judges including Keane QC himself and his instructing Solicitors from Thynne & Macartney Partnership and also those of MEADS own cohorts from MEADS own Mallesons Stephen Jaques present who each wilfully and dishonestly fully failed in their combined duties of care to do so.
*  I remind each of you in good faith herein of the crime of  misprision now that they as well now each of as 

    above addressed you are each herein now deemed to be fully informed and noticed of those herein
    exposed crimes as are herein noticed to each of you in good faith given that if any of you deliberate 

    engage in concealment of Your knowledge of this is a treasonable act or a felony.

Despite the fact the three (3) justices and Keane QC himself each for-well knew or ought to have known that all three (3) justices DAVIES J, JERRARD J, and her Honour WILSON J, were unqualified to hear the matter because of their combined potential and real conflicts of interests and or by lack of impartiality; and

They each all four (4) of them collectively knew or ought to have known that KEANE QC was unqualified to defend that matter because of his combined conflicts of interests and or by his competing loyalty total lack of impartiality.

Moreover the Appeal in essence was that KEANE QC had wilfully misled the trial judge in 2001. So clearly for KEANE QC to be still taking Public Funded Retainer Bribes via Telstra to defend in essence KEANE QCs own 2001 crimes of having definitely misled the trial judge in 2001 was a further gross conflict of interests and competing loyalties on the part of KEANE QC acting in bad faith not just in 2001 but also in 2002 in this matter.

The State of Queenslands Court of Appeals Justice Davies failed to disclose that he was or is the former State of Queensland Solicitor-General before KEANE QC and KEANE QC also failed to disclose that he KEANE QC was also at the same time the State of Queensland Solicitor-General from 1992 to 2005.

KEANE QC then took Justice Davies State of Queensland Court of Appeal judiciary position in 2005. Until Prime Minister RUDD rewarded KEANE QC and elevated him to become the Chief-Justice of the Federal Court of Australia in early 2010; and

then Prime Minister Julia Gillard further rewarded KEANE QC after she and Keane QC had jointly elevated Prime Minister Gillards former Slater Gordon Partner to become a Federal Court Judge in Melbourne, hence KEANE QC was then further Politically rewarded by CABINET MEMBER Prime Minister Gillard and KEANE QC was thereby elevated to the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA Judiciary.

The State of Queensland Court of Appeal Justice Jerrard was formerly an articles clerk in the State of Queenslands Solicitor-Generals Office and then its Prosecutor before being elevated to the State of Queenslands Appeal Court.

The State of Queensland Court of Appeal Her Honour Justice WILSON was an articles clerk at Ruth Freezlings Solicitor in Brisbane under not just Patrick Anthony Keane but also under his MSJ Cohort and instructing Telstra retainer bribed Solicitor Justin Anthony McDonnell of the Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partnership; thereby

McDonnell was a partner of Stephen John Mead who they collectively, corruptly, unlawfully and fraudulently in 2002 the three (3) justices and KEANE QC and thereby the STATE OF QUEENSLAND CROWN LAW OFFICERS were collectively each wrongfully protecting MEAD instead of indicting MEAD; for

MEAD having on the 23 December 1996 FALSELY and WRONGFULLY sworn in a MALICIOUS MANNER a materially False Complaint while MEAD was Ex-Parte falsely swearing the materially false Application/Complaint before W. J. Smith a State of Queensland Magistrate who MEAD had falsely and deceptively misled to FALSELY procure the issuing of an INVALID from day-one purported APPREHENSION WARRANT in offence of Section 3ZT of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth); as

the law is that a person must not make, in an application for a warrant, a statement that the person knows to be false or misleading in a material particular.  = Imprisonment for 2 Years.

MEAD admitted under oath in 1997 that he knew he needed to get a signed-off board resolution from the full Telstra Board before swearing the Application/Complaint but failed to do so for MEAD a Legal Counsel to be able to support what MEAD had sworn his name to in the Application/Complaint which was pre-prepared for MEAD by his own undisclosed MSJ partnership; and

MEAD also by legal advice written from and by his own MSJ Partners to MEAD at Telstra Legal Directorate Offices which advice evidences that MEAD for well knew he was acting in abuse of legal process; but MEAD decided to maliciously proceed to swear the Materially False Complaint as a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth by dishonestly concealing the fact he MEAD was also a MSJ Partner from 1st January 1996 while MEAD was somehow also still a full time officer of the Commonwealth of Australia employed at Telstra.

Thereby it was inappropriate and corrupt for KEANE QC to be paid Commonwealth Public Funded retainer bribes via Telstra to in exchange provide special and corrupt political and judicial favours; and

For KEANE QC to at the same be in essence representing himself KEANE QC to bogusly defend his KEANE QCs own 2001 wrongdoings, of having definitely misled the trial judge in 2001; and

Keane QC proceed silently to act in 2002 for TELSTRA & MEAD in bad faith without disclosing that he KEANE QC was at the very same time a State of Queensland fellow employee of the three (3) State of Queensland justices, by KEANE QC failed to disclose that he KEANE QC also was the State of Queensland Solicitor-General.

KEANE QC as the State of Queenslands Solicitor-General should have not been misleading the trial judge in 2001 to dishonestly protect TELSTRA & STEPHEN JOHN MEAD and to wilfully thereby set-out to pervert and defeat the Course of Justice in exchange for KEANE QC having taken Retainer Bribes to not do his Solicitor-Generals duty of care against TELSTRA & MEAD and against his dishonest MSJ Partners who had falsely prepared the materially false Complaint.

Because KEANE QC as the State of Queenslands Solicitor-General should have been instead criminally charging and indicting STEPHEN JOHN MEAD as a corrupt Telstra employed officer of the Commonwealth; and also as a corrupt officer of the State of Queenslands Courts; and  MEAD had also concealed from the State of Queensland Courts and from Ivory that he MEAD also at the very same time was additionally a Partner of the Mallesons Stephen Jaques partnership at the very same time from the 1st January 1996; while

MEAD was also full time employed within the Commonwealth of Australias at all material times agency Telecom Telstra from about the 15th May 1994; MEAD was made a MSJ Partner while not working within MSJ offices, but while MEAD was full time working within Telstra. Raises other questions of corruption and MEADS frauds against IVORY does it not?; and

MEAD had on the 23 December 1996 knowingly and in bad faith dishonestly and falsely proceeded to swear his name to a Materially False Complaint before W. J. Smith a State of Queensland Magistrate, so MEAD acted in abuse of legal process to maliciously and falsely procure by MEADS sworn perjury the issuing of an INVALID from day one of being issued the therefore false and INVALID from day one purported APREHENSION WARRANT.  

They were each further recused from when the three (3) Justices had a huddle and called a temporary adjournment to then rewind the purported State of Queensland Appeal Court Transcripts tape records, so as to then after their adjournment then restart the rewound tape to tape over the evidence that they had repeatedly each judicially already found that KEANE QC had definitely misled the trial judge in 2001, and

the three (3) justices each further recused themselves and KEANE QC by the justices having called KEANE QC in to a meeting they held in chambers behind closed doors with KEANE QC; but they did so without Kenneth-Clyde Ivory being present with them during their short adjournment to rewind the tapes and to colluded.

That all unlawfully occurred immediately after all three (3) justices had each in an open court room repeatedly found that KEANE QC had definitely misled the trial judge in 2001 and the appeal books proved further that KEANE QC had definitely misled the trial judge in 2001, according to all three (3) justices themselves before they had their collusive adjournment to work out how to protect KEANE QC, the State etc.

Impartiality is the significant overriding element in relation to the administration of Justice.  My witnesses and I could not believe that KEANE QC was not arrested when called into the three (3) justices Chamber over the Court Loud Speaker, without Ivory being called in with KEANE.

ALL Legal disputes that arise in ALL Courts should be free from all bias and/or prejudice, and free from all suspected bias and or prejudice. 

In any event, as a result of the foregoing NO Judge in question can continue to preside over a case where there is any appearance, hint or suspicion of bias or non-impartiality or over any other case after committing the herein forgoing stated crimes. 

Even in a case when a Judge is being impartial, where there is any suspected appearance of bias, prejudice and/or non-impartiality, recusal is not just necessary it is an absolute.


Therefore, even if anyone JUST SUSPECTS that a Judge is being biased, prejudice and or NOT impartial, they must be removed if they fail to honourably recuse or withdraw themselves, or be charged.

But if the justices fail to disclose or fail to recuse we must do so as is herein being done in good faith, now that I have the knowledge how to do so, as is herein being done as the law compels me to do so seeing KEANE QC is hereby not any longer fit or proper to remain be a judge or a practicing lawyer in any Court again. 

After all, we are all interested in the lawful administration of Justice, are we not?

When considering whether or not to here proceed to have KEANE QC recused from the High Court of Australia Judiciary Patrick Anthony Keane QC it is not being done with malice it is being done because I as a Man and the undersigned Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and does have first-hand knowledge of these facts and have also witnessed the facts as set-out herein.

To be clear I do not and have never set out to have all Judges recused, I will only recuse the judge(s) that were and or are demonstrating bias and or prejudice; and

in this case is where clear bias and or where prejudice was demonstrated by all three (3) Judge(s); and

so the three (3) Judges ought to have each stood down or recused themselves from the case; and

KEANE QC should have made application to have them each removed; but

in this herein case all four (4) failed, so now I do in good faith as I am compelled by law to notice each of You for you as the Hon. Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia for You to now for Yourself this paperwork for You to make an Ex-Parte Motion to forthwith recuse JUSTICE PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC for life.

It is interesting how a great many Judges will blatantly show affection for, and are led by Solicitors and or Barristers, or by Queens Counsel, albeit, it may be because the respective Judge may not have the Knowledge of the Law required for that particular type or form of case, and therefore the Judge becomes reliant and or dependent upon the presumed knowledge and or the perceived experience of the Solicitor or Barrister or Queens Counsel before them. 

In which case they and or any Judge that is so reliant upon the said knowledge and or experience of a Solicitor, Barrister or Queens Counsel can be led by the nose, to wherever the Solicitor, Barrister or Queens Counsel wishes to bring them to pervert and defeat the course of justice by their combined wrongdoings as witnessed by myself in 2001 and in 2002. 

Such Judges should not be Judges, and have no place in any Court of Law or competent Jurisdiction. 

Any Judge in such a case is in over their heads, and can hardly presume to be impartial. Being Ignorant maybe; but NOT IMPARTIAL.

But the three (3) Justices in this matter become players with KEANE QC to intentionally and knowingly to by behind closed collaborate how to rig their materially false and corrupt decision written bogusly and corruptly to protect their fellow State employee KEANE QC.
The respective three (3) Judges have shown and demonstrated a proclivity and penchant for treating the lay-litigant with utter contempt and or judicially with disregard or disrespect in the form or fashion as set-out herein and noticed. 

It is demonstrably clearly shown herein that each of the three (3) Judges themselves as did KEANE QC each thought they would be safe by dealing with a lay-litigant.  Perhaps this is because, most lay-litigants on the face of it, and in the eyes of the Judges, hold up the business of the Court, and delay what most Judges see, and are convinced of, as being the inevitable before they even had started hearing the matter.

I trust that as the Chief Justice of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA you are yourself not of the ilk to think that why not simply RUSH TO JUSTICE in all cases, and be done with DUE PROCESS IN LAW? 

Well, this is precisely what happened and is happening.  DUE PROCESS in LAW was ignored by the three (3) Judge(s), and the respective Judges were led by the nose on this merry dance with KEANE QC, but they corruptly danced to protect KEANE QC by them as not just senior Legal Professionals but as State of Queensland Appeal Court Judges own wrongdoings.
I trust that you as the Chief Justice of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA You would not be wanting too, dismiss this so as too unlawfully aid and abet in protecting Your paymaster at all costs, as that would also be corrupt judicial basis would it not?

How can any Judge on the face of it, claim to be IMPARTIAL, and UNBIASED, UNPREJUDICED, NON-DISCIMINATORY and so on if they are being paid by the State with the QC and Judge each being State Employees and with the QC having definitely misled the trial judge in 2001?

The State, and Commonwealth who are collectively interwoven, interlocked and interlinked also with ALL Banks, Financial Institutions, the RBA, Councils, the Taxation Commissioner and so on and infinitum, and with all BIG and Small Industry and Business such as the MSJ Partnership partners. 

Where thereby does the State begin and end?  It has its fingers in everything, and has a vested interest in everything, and thus it follows whenever any party or representative from any of the above present in Court against a Lay-litigant, the Lay-litigant has very little chance, on the face of it, of winning that case per se and these herein now exposed 2001 and 2002 matters are good examples of that intertwined corruption herein exposed.

For the purposes of this matter, and for absolute crystal clarity, I am herein instructing for You as the Chief Justice of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA to Ex-Parte Recuse JUSTICE PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC unless he has just recused himself, retired and or stepped down from being a judge of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA and has for life surrendered his Practicing Certificate for life. 

There are several potential ways a Judge(s) may be recused. 

He or she may recuse themselves voluntarily of course. 

They can be recused on a Motion for Recusal by Yourself, and quite simply they can be directly written to, and or verbally instructed to Recuse themselves by Yourself as the Hon. Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia; and

or KEANE QC and Yourself can be both recused by His Excellency the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia; who

will need to recuse and remove both You, if You Yourself fail to recuse KEANE QC as Your the Hon. Chief Justice of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA and also His Excellency will need to recuse and remove PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC along with Yourself as he and You will both need to be recused by His Excellency the Governor-General if you as the Chief Justice fail to Honourably and immediately recuse JUSTICE PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC before the 4 PM on Tuesday the 3rd May 2016.  You or the Prime Minister may have had My Australia Post Express Post redirected to each of You unlawfully, but the deadline by email is still today the 3rd May 2016.

Whilst the Courts, Court Services, the Barristers, the Solicitors or Queens Counsel and the Judges do not like or appreciate any Lay-litigant writing directly to them about any matter, especially when ALL parties to the case are LAWFULLY exposed, but they cannot stop me, providing of course what I have written as it is FACTUAL, and is LAWFUL and is Appropriate to the matters herein noticed.

After all it is of a Public  Importance, but sometimes the only way You Judges do really hear what we have to say as we the people, is when you get it in writing and thereby herein you have it for and ON THE RECORD.  But of course NO Judge and NO Politician is of a higher authority to any of We the People.

I have now herein officially informed and noticed each of You in good faith of my GRAVE concerns, in respect of the herein exposed ABUSES OF LEGAL PROCESS and of the SERIOUS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE,

so none of You can now hide any longer from these serious facts exposed to each of You verbatim of the herein exposed biased, none-impartial, prejudice, and abuses of legal process, and of the false and malicious deception, resulting in the herein miscarriage of justice.

You also are instructed hereby to additionally have the 2001 and 2002 State of Queensland Judgments both fully expunged forthwith; and

You as the Hon. Chief Justice of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA are to then immediately notify Me with official evidence of them being fully and irrevocably expunged before 4 PM on Monday the 16th May 2016.

We cannot provide the 2002 State of Queensland Court transcripts for the reasons set-out herein, as they were falsified by the three (3) now former Justices of the State; from

when they fraudulently had the transcripts rewound during their short adjournment to then fraudulently taped over the transcripts of the case I had successfully presented to all three (3) of them prior to their short adjournment to collusively and to collectively by all four (4) to criminally pervert and defeat the course of justice; which

Adjournment the three (3) State of Queensland thereby corrupt but now retired purported justices themselves called and announced their short adjournment immediately after they had each repeatedly each stated and found that PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC had definitely misled the trial judge in 2001 (the now Late Douglas J); as

Was clearly stated in Court in front of Myself and in front of My witnesses present by each of the three (3) of them even while KEANE QC was referring each of the judges too various pages in the Appeal Books in his failed rebuttals but all three (3) judges repeatedly confirmed that each page KEANE QC took them too did further confirmed and further proved the case that I Myself Kenneth-Clyde Ivory had just presented proving to each of the three (3) State of Queensland judges that KEANE QC himself had definitely misled the (2001) trial judge. 

Then after the Three (3) In-Justices had completed their collaborations during their adjournment behind closed doors in chambers, where they had met with KEANE QC, and which meeting was and is contrary to law by holding that meeting in secret behind closed doors with their mate KEANE QC without Ivory being present with them; and

then after their collaboration behind closed doors having decided how to cover-up for KEANE QC their State of Queensland corrupt Solicitor-General by all four (4) instead having colluded behind closed doors to collaborate that they would proceed and defraud IVORY after deciding how they would collectively participate in jointly PERVERTING and DEFEATING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE to protect KEANE QC and the State & Telstra & MEAD and the MSJ Partnership and the Thynne & Macartney partners; so

upon reconvening from their collective meeting from that point-on is when the three(3) judges fraudulent white-washed as was further perpetrated by DAVIES J immediately started-off by bullying and threatening Kenneth-Clyde Ivory; and

DAVIES J threatened to hold Ivory in Contempt if Ivory mentioned on public record during the rest of those proceedings even one single word of what had happened before their adjournment; and

DAVIES J then proceeded to ask the transcript official, if the transcripts had been already restarted or not?; and

DAVIES J as the Lead Judge then instructed the transcript recording officer of the Courts that if the transcript recordings had been restarted then the transcripts are to be immediately rewound to exactly where the recording tape was re-wound to when the three (3) judges had rewound the tape recording too during their adjournment; and

DAVIES J then instructed the transcript officer not to turn the tape back-on until he DAVIS J himself instructed the transcript recording officer to do so. Yes, that is indeed Judicial Fraud; but

Your currently unfit to hold any office PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC as the then State of Queenslands Solicitor-General himself witnessed all of the above and partook in those judicial frauds; while

KEANE QC was himself also getting paid his main income from 1992 to 2005 as also the State of Queenslands Solicitor-General while taking Commonwealth Public Funded Retainer Bribes to provide special favours in exchange; when KEANE QC partook in and with first-hand knowledge KEANE QC wilfully and corruptly and criminally failed; in

KEANE QC duty owing to the State of Queensland Courts and duty owing to the State and duty owing to the Crown and owing by KEANE QC oath of Allegiance given and owing to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Lawful Sovereign of the Commonwealth of Australia; but

Instead KEANE QC in 2002 and ever since has chosen to and has failed too charge and prosecute DAVIES J, JERRARD J and WILSON J for their 2002 for their 2002 Judicial Frauds!

Rendering PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC to not be a fit and proper Man to continue to hold any Judicial Office and or to hold any Legal Practicing Certificate what-so-ever, ever again.


We do hereby demand that You are to FULLY ADDRESS, FULLY REMEDY and are to FULLY ANSWER ALL of the herein Points and Legal Questions BY RETURN POST, and address same to ALL PARTIES listed, involved and inculcated herein. 

We say and when We say BY RETURN POST We do mean BY RETURN POST!

Honourably and sincerely
With all rights reserved by

Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, and
P.O Box 403 Geelong,
Geelong City, Victoria, within
the Commonwealth of Australia. 3220 


Dangers Lie in Merging or Ignoring of
the Dual Requirements for and of Judicial or
Political and or of any other Decision Makers!
Impartiality refers to what goes on, and appears to go on in the mind or minds of the judicial or political decision and or law makers or in this instance in the minds of the decision makers involved in having failed to disclose to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory their insidiously corrupt lack of independence which resulted in their unlawful and grossly competing and conflicting inter relationships and unjustly omitted predatory loyalties.
Independence concerns the relationship of the decision makers who in this instance had personal and professional relationships in addition to their relationships with their employer being the State of Queensland and its Government’s Ministers were the bosses of DAVIES J, JERRARD J and WILSON J and was also the one of the bosses of PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC and concerns their relationships with this Commonwealth of Australia’s Casualty of Telecom-Telstra Victim and with the Governments of the day of the Commonwealth of Australia in relation to this politically and Telstra Board corporately wilfully omitted fully outstanding CoT Victim’s matter and decision makers, and TELSTRA & MEAD’S legal teams relationships with the Commonwealth of Australia’s Governments of the day with Telecom-Telstra being an agency of the Commonwealth of Australia at all material times from 1993 forward until the Telstra 3 invalid from day one purported share float in late 2006 and with the TELSTRA board being politically handpicked and appointed with cabinet members ability to thereby act as shadow directors of Telecom-Telstra and with the Telstra people all being officers of the Commonwealth of Australia as was STEPHEN JOHN MEAD from mid May 1994 and with KEANE QC being on Commonwealth Public Funded RETAINER BRIBES from 1999 to 2005 in this matter while failing to disclose KEANE QC was also the State of Queensland’s moonlighting dual competing and conflicting loyalty income employee Solicitor-General also at the same time from 1992 to 2005 without disclosure of such lack of independences and the Three (3) said justices were also State of Queensland employee mates of KEANE QC while KEANE QC was in 2002 before his mates trying to defend the fact that KEANE QC had definitely misled the trial judge in 2001 to pervert and defeat the course of justice in exchange for his moonlighting RETAINER BRIBES.
The LAW to RECUSAL deals with these such circumstances in which a judge or a politician (or other independent decision or law makers), acting under a legal power, should take no part, or no further part in a decision or in the steps leading to a decision, although he and or she or they has or have been initially allocated the matter to decide it.
It rests on the fundamental proposition that a court or a politician should be fair and impartial, and that sometimes a judges personal, professional or prior ‘connections’ with that case or with any of the parties or with any of the parties legal teams should lead to him or her or them not sitting and not deciding on it notwithstanding the initial lawful allocation.
If the judge or judges or politician or the legal presenter mate of the judges or of the politicians do not RECUSE themselves honourably and honestly then they wilfully and criminally acted corruptly to pervert and defeat the course of justice and must NOW be removed and RECUSED by Her Majesty’s Governor-General invoking his prerogative powers to RECUSE each of them from the judiciary and or from practising law and or from being employed in politics for the rest of their natural life if they have not yet RECUSED themselves for the rest of his or her or their natural lives.



                              Commonwealth Consolidated Acts


Amount not payable on removal of Justice
Unless the Governor-General otherwise directs, an amount is not payable under this Act by reason of the removal of a Justice under section 72 of the Constitution.


Regaining control over the Justice System by restoring Constitutional Trial by Jury is so much the principal campaigning objective that all other issues are dwarfed by it. Indeed, if the other issues for which people campaign are genuinely just causes which obtain no satisfaction from government, the only way forward to a successful outcome for ‘just causes’ would be to take issue with the government in a cost-free (Constitutional Common Law Article 40) Plaint and Prosecution at Trial by Jury. To get the Justice System to work for you, and allow your peers to judge the worth of your cause, the Trial by Jury Justice System has first to be restored to full implementation according to the Constitution.
Trial by Jury is too often thought of by people only as a situation wherein the accused defends him or herself, usually from the government’s prosecution. As distinguished from the autocrat’s pantomime which takes the place of Trial by Jury in the courtroom today, the Constitutional Trial by Jury is much more than that.
Real Trial by Jury is a supreme weapon in the hands of the people. An essentially defensive mechanism but one which may be turned towards offence when required to guide and control delinquent government. It may be likened to a double-edged blade, but it enables the folk at one and the same time peacefully to foil would-be dictators; judge and obliterate crime-engendering intrinsically illegal laws and legislatorial majorities’ self-interested legislation; and deter and punish common crimes.
Achieving Restoration merely requires people’s unity of vision and purpose. Nothing should be allowed to dissipate the energy, resources, time and enthusiasm of parties and campaigners for just causes, but they must adopt Restoration as the central focus, vision, inspiration and message of their campaign. Success may never come to their campaigning efforts otherwise. By adoption of the legal mechanism of justice as part of their cause, their campaign acquires gravitas. Their campaign suddenly acquires ‘teeth’.
Trial by Jury ensures impeccable governance and the eradication of glaring injustices now prevalent within society. Campaigns which adopt restoration of control of the justice system by juries should acknowledge and publicise Trial by Jury as a being the ideal and most constructive force for social improvement and change. Restoration of Trial by Jury will help all just causes. It is the means for achieving your just cause in particular. After having adopted Restoration, campaigns are perceptibly more serious, dedicated and authoritative—and rightly so, for indeed, they are. The Campaign for people to retake control over the justice system is a cause to be reckoned with…
Consider, for example, a campaign to save England and uphold our Constitution. (Americans, Australians and others will see that these issues apply equally to them.) Even severance from the EU cannot restore legitimacy to the status quo, for we shall still be governed by traitors in the political parties who, tacitly or in overt acts, treasonously deny the authentic Common Law Trial by Jury Courts. Restoration returns control over the justice system to the people backed by the apparatus of police, prison service and armed services. In legal and practical terms, only Restoration can achieve and thereafter maintain the bona fide rule of law.
Whereas Trial by Jury obliges the people as jurors to judge the justice of laws and the act of enforcement, and to annul all inflictions of injustice through the courts by acquitting the innocent-accused, this judgement on justice by jurors is now forbidden by judges’ misinstructions to juries; and evaded by adulteration of the juror’s oath.
Nowadays, even though the jury-box may be full of citizens (and an occasional verdict annuls one or another of the countless unjust prosecutions which do occur), what actually takes place is definitively the trial-by-judge: a beholden government employee is lucratively remunerated to enforce the partisan, antidemocratic or unprincipled intentions of politicians expressed as ‘legislation’ regardless of its injustice, illegality, and its breaches of ethics, rights, truth, liberty and equal justice. Should they demur from this callous task of villainy, they swiftly cease to be judges.
Nowadays, the ‘process’ which people, including law students, are misled into imagining is a “trial by jury” is not Trial by Jury at all. All the Jurors’ Duties which define the process as being a Trial by Jury, are denied, interfered with and obstructed by the courts.
A.) not only ascertaining guilt or innocence of the accused and where necessary for apportioning retribution, but also
B.) of transcendent importance, as a barrier to protect the vast mass of innocent citizenry from the crimes of arbitrary government, i.e., unjust laws, and from the corruption, prejudices and incompetence of fallible justices (judges). Trial by Jury enables the people to judge authoritatively what their liberties and laws are (explained below), so that the people retain all the liberties which they wish to enjoy.

Wherever Trial by Jury takes place, be it in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and numerous other countries, it is definitive of Trial by Jury that, after swearing to do justice, to convict the guilty and acquit the innocent, in finding their Verdict:
The Jurors Judge:
~on the justice of the law, and annul, by pronouncing the Not Guilty Verdict, any law or act of enforcement which is deemed unfair or unjust according to the juror’s conscience (i.e., sense of fairness, right and wrong);
~in addition to the facts, and
~on the admissibility of evidence (evidence not being pre-selected or screened-out by government or judge and/or prosecutor, as it is today).
Jurors Must Judge:
~that the accused acted with malice aforethought, i.e., mens rea, a premeditated malicious motive, if the jury is to find guilt (‘guilt’ is a characteristic inherent or absent in motives and actions: it cannot be ascribed by legislation*);
~on the nature and gravity of the alleged offence; and, where guilt is unanimously found,
~on mitigating circumstances if any (provocation; temptation; incitation); and
~set the sentence (with regard to its being fit and just).
*There is neither moral justice for punishing nor political necessity (i.e., deterrent value) where there was no mens rea. (In the case of one person injuring another innocently or accidentally, the civil law suit and the Trial by Jury award appropriate compensation for damages.)
For jurors not to do the above, or for someone other than the jurors to make any such decisions, is another process: call it “trial-by-someone-else” if you will, or “trial-by-the-judge with a false ‘jury’ watching”―but this travesty cannot be defined as a Trial BY JURY.
It is mere falsehood to call a procedure “trial by jury” if the accused and any of the matters related to the case under judgement are tried by someone other than the jury. There is no process and no meaning to the words Trial by Jury other than that which the words themselves prescribe.
Lord Justice Denman: “Every jury in the land is tampered with and falsely instructed by the judge when it is told it must take or accept as the law that which has been given to them, or that they must bring in a certain verdict, or that they can decide only the facts of the case.”
Regina v. C.J. O’Connel, 1884. Emphasis added.
Yours sincerely,
Kenn d'Oudney.

"Better never to vote at all than vote for a person who does not make EQUAL JUSTICE the prime aim of government by RESTORATION and UNIVERSAL ADOPTION of Constitutional Legem Terræ Common Law Trial by Jury."


Mr. Nava You are herein now NOTICED publically of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (“CBA”) Board’s past and present gross Conflicts of Interests that were unlawfully escalated right back in 2004, which was back when Your CBA Bank was misused to entice, by CBA officers offering to pay one of two (2) different Banks Retainer Bribes; and

a. which retainer bribes were both offered to be paid for and on behalf of Telstra’s Board of Directors, (seeing that a Telstra Director as it’s Deputy Chairman was also Your CBA Chairman and a CBA Board Director at the very same time, creating abuses of combined market powers, to set-out with premeditated intent to pervert and to defeat the course of justice) and that CBA retainer bribe was unlawfully offered via CBA officers to distance Telstra’s Board of Directors from the bribe being offered to pervert and defeat the course of justice, and was strategically offered by getting a last minute ex-parte Telstra lawyer adjournment, so as to be able to get sufficient time to then hurriedly offer a financial retainer bribe to a (NSW based) Barrister-at-Law immediately after Ivory notified that Court who would be representing IVORY in that 2004 Appeal, so, was then offered with premeditated criminal intent to conspire to criminally pervert and defeat the course of justice, all

b. occurred while that same Senior Barrister-at-Law who was offered the CBA retainer bribe was already validly retained and paid in advance by and who was to be only representing KENNETH CLYDE IVORY in a Casualty of Telecom-Telstra (CoT) related outstanding 1800 prefix systemic fault related Matter, back when in 2004 IVORY was rightfully applying to have the full Telstra Board indicted, and latter-on that same retainer bribe offered Barrister-at-Law was called to:
                                 *     THE JUDICIAL COUNCIL OF THE NSW BAR ASSOCIATION, AND WAS
                                        SUBSEQUENTLY BARRED FROM PRACTICING AS A BARRISTER-AT-LAW!
                                 *    In October 2002 that same Senior Barrister-at-Law was reprimanded
                                       in relation to a complaint made by the Australian Government
                                       Solicitor, and then in 2004 he was offered bribes via CBA officers to
                                       protect an officer of the Commonwealth who was also the Chairman  
                                       of the CBA Bank and to protect his other Telstra board officers of the 
                                       Commonwealth from each being indicted.

c. given that back in 2004 the CBA had a Director who was also the Chairman of the CBA, and who at the very same time was a Director and also was the Deputy Chairman of Telstra, so in 2004 the then same dual hat man who was also the CBA Board Chairman and CBA Director did implicate the whole CBA Board in criminally misusing their positions of trust to unconscionably misappropriate CBA shareholder’s funds and or by offering to misuse CBA and or Telstra shareholders funds with intent to commit the bribery offer to pervert the course of justice in exchange via the CBA officers, so as to also unlawfully have criminally protected the CBA’s then Chairman of its Board and his fellow Telstra board members and himself from being indicted as a Telstra Director and as its Deputy Chairman, thereby misacting as competing loyalty officer of the Commonwealth who had also engaged the CBA in a unconscionable cartel of criminality, fraud and deceit, despite there being a prohibition against engaging in such unconscionable misconduct; and

d. which abuses of public office was and is misconduct that was and is particularly harsh and or oppressive wrongdoings and were and are still premeditatedly designed beyond normal commercial consumer conduct, and were thereby tactically designed so as to ultimately and to maliciously injure, defame and to defraud the undersigned Creditor Kenneth-Clyde Ivory; and to additionally commercially destroy the corporate reputation of: KENNETH CLYDE IVORY; and

e. the CBA Company’s Board’s both also had commonly retained the criminally implicated main national and international law firm already on both of their retainer paid bribes back in 2004; and

f. that main key competing and conflicting loyalty law firm partnership had some of its partners strategically positioned within Telecom-Telstra under the control of Your then CBA dual hat Director/Chairman who was also a Telstra director and it’s Deputy Chairman; thereby

g. now also implicating Yourself Mr. Narev as well as the then CBA Board and even the CBA’s current Board of Directors; so You are each much MORE implicated than perhaps previous thought by You; while

h. You Mr. Narev and the current 2016 Board of the CBA are currently dishonestly acting in contemptuous default as the ACCEPTOR BANK of a Bill of Exchange Debt owing by the CBA for the State of Queensland, and which misconduct clearly was and is to keep-on dishonestly further aiding and abetting implicated past and present CBA Board members as a sick minded criminal intent means of trying to protect those dishonest past corrupt officers of the Commonwealth who were in control of Telstra when aided and abetted by dishonest officers of the State of Queensland, and the implicated Telstra Board and it’s other dishonest officers of the Commonwealth and to also aid and abet crooked implicated lawyers and their corrupt competing loyalty law firm partnership partners of past and present and their implicated ex-partners, etc.

i. Notwithstanding the above outlined and thereby now publically noticed herein to You and Your current CBA Board the level of CBA Board criminality as is herein exposed in good faith, the level of crimes being committed by the CBA past and present Boards of Directors to aid and abet in delaying to pay the 2015 bill of exchange 2015 Notarial Protest Awarded restitution of Property owing to Ivory and to unlawfully try cover-up the criminality and conflicts of interest of and by the CBA and Telstra Board's having allowed strategically corrupt dual hat directors and multiple directorships; and

j. which frauds and crimes have resulted in the criminality herein outlined and exposed in good faith because of the level of corruption herein being exposed; and

k. which criminality is continuing by the Current CBA Board and which Bank has boasted on public record how it is on contract with the State of Queensland; and

l. thereby the CBA became the State of Queensland's  Acceptor Bank, from well after the 2004 CBA Board had offered the Retainer Bribe to pervert and defeat the course of justice back in 2004 to protect dishonest Telstra board members who as officers of the Commonwealth of Australia should have been indicted for their CoT mishandling crimes and for having misused Commonwealth Public Funds to retainer bribe the State of Queensland's dishonest Solicitor-General from at least 1999 to 2005 (now a politically rewarded HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA JUDGE) who was bribed from at least 1999 to in-exchange provide special favours of protecting STEPHEN JOHN MEAD from being indicted by him as the Solicitor-General for MEAD having induced a State of Queensland Magistrate W. J. Smith to issue an INVALID from day-one of issue a Materially False and Bogus Apprehension Warrant for it to be dishonestly misused to maliciously and falsely pervert and defeat the course of justice on the 23 December 1996; and

m. which 23 December 1996 unlawful crimes were committed falsely, unlawfully in abuse of legal process and criminally via MEAD in total deprivation of human and civil liberties in this CoT matter, so that MEAD as an officer of the Commonwealth could misuse his dual incomes to further create a fraudulently created and a wrongful pipeline of Public Funds to be misused to fund and maintain from within Telstra MEAD'S own Law Firm Partnership and for MEAD TO PROFIT FROM THE PROCEEDS OF HIS AND HIS PARTNERSHIPS CRIMES.